How to Recover Stolen or Lost Laptop

If someone else has stolen your personal Laptop or you left out it in full public view, circumstances would be tough to cope with. What to do next to recover the stolen laptop is a big thing in the public quarter. Connecting personally to your cause, I am going to share the ways to recover stolen Laptops.

When you became the victim of losing laptop, holistic approach is needed from your side. At first, don’t fall into panic. Because there are countless apps available to tackle such losing streak. I have picked more than single applications such as Prey Project and Locate my Laptop to take this issue quite effectively.

How to Recover Stolen or Lost Laptop

Prey Project

Prey Project is software that deals with stolen or lost laptop issues. The application is quite handy to track stolen laptop. It gathers information like Hardware and Network status as well as Device current location. The Prey Project application functions equally well on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android devices. Prey Project is absolutely free to use application. Now, I am about to display the ways to recover or find or track stolen Laptop.

  • First, install Prey Project application on your Windows or Mac-optimized system. You may easily install-worthy Prey Project software, using below appropriate link.
  • After completion of the installation of application creates your own account. When the process of account creation is completed, you will get an activation link in your Email to log in Control Panel.
  • Once you activate your account then you will be able to see the current location of laptop at Control Panel. You may also activate protection features with switching to¬†Setting panel.

Download Prey Project Application

Locate my Laptop

Application is designed to easily track a stolen laptop. Once you download and install Locate my Laptop application on your Laptop there is nothing to other tracking applications. Anyone can easily monitor current laptop location or movement with the help of Locate my Laptop application. To get into this application, you need to Sign up with your own identity and then use it. It is also free to use application. You can install ‘Locate my Laptop’ application with the help of below link.

Note: All these applications, mentioned above, would be functional if apps are installed earlier before stolen incident.

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