Pin Recent Documents Menu Shortcut Tile to Windows 8 Start Screen

With the deletion of Start menu, some extra characteristic like Recent Documents tool, etc are also vanished from windows 8. Actually Recent Documents tool allows to use a list of the most recent opened files and documents.  You may face trouble to find out the Recent Document option in Windows 8 easily. But you may make a solution for this. If recent documents shortcuts are pinned to Windows 8 start screen you will feel much more easy in operating. So, here tips to pin recent document shortcut tile to Windows 8 start screen are being written. You may follow it:


  • At first, Press shortcut (Windows key+R) to launch the Run dialog box and insert recent. Next press OK button.
  • Next you get File Explorer window along with entire recent used files and documents which has been accessed during system log in session.
windows 8 recent file window
  • Next click on the expand button to enable windows 8 Ribbon explorer interface from top side right corner.
windows ribbon tool expand
  • Now click on View option and select Options in right corner.
windows 8 recent files option
  • Then a dialog box (Folder Options) comes up. Click on the view tab and come across to this option – Hide protected operating system files and uncheck it.
windows 8 folder option


  • At this time go to file explorer window from open this location – C: /users
  • Next right-click on the Recent Documents option and choose Pin to Start option.

Thus Recent option will be placed to windows 8 start screen permanently.

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