How to Recover Computer Password using Recovery Console

To recover computer password without deleting important data is always been a tough task for the common user. But it might be simple act after using features of Recovery Console. The features of Recovery Console was introduced in Windows 2000. Since then it has proved its credentials to restore and repair computers, whenever malfunctioning of operating existed. The Recovery Console helps computer to return to default settings. It also enables you to access administrative account. The exercise of replacement of damaged and nonfunctional files could be done through Recovery console. Now the point of discussion is shifting to how to operate Recovery Console in the condition of malfunctioning of operating. I am going to mention each required step to operate Recovery Console.

  • On turning computer on put your Windows operating in CD / DVD drive and Reboot your computer. In a few minutes, you will be able to see set up screen. Apply enter key to run setup.
  • Whenever information about licensing agreement appears, Press F8 key to accept it.
  • Then select your installation and press R to repair. Just after completion of this stage, computer will reboot in within 15 seconds.
  •  After then Setup will be resumed automatically and you will notice it through indication of Installation of Windows.
  • During installation of Windows, when you see ‘Read Installing Devices’ then press Shift+F10 key.
  • You will see Command Prompt replace setup screen.
  • At the Command Prompt type: NUSRMGR.CPL and press enter.
  • Above command gives you access to the User Accounts on control panel.
  • Pick out account and change password as you desire.
  • After made necessary changes quit command box and continue with procedure of Repair.

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