RedStone Preview Build 11082 for Windows 10 Insider Facts

For the first time, the Redstone Development Branch (RS1) initiated a Build 11082 for the Fast Ring holders of Windows Insider in Windows 10. For the time being you will not observe thrilling features as Redstone will push the huge update for public in the coming year.


RedStone Preview Build 11082 for Windows 10 Insider

RedStone Preview Build 11082 for Windows 10 Insider Facts

As for now, Microsoft laid down some important announcement –

  • They are sincerely working on the primary enhancements of OneCore, the thread to link Windows across gadgets.
  • This Build approaches with various bug fixes and hence kept its focus on tiny modifications and fixes.
  • Also, they have decided to spring up the speed at which Insiders on the Fast ring receive the latest version. In simple terms, the Fast ring will actually stand up on its name though the pace will be picked up from January.
  • Secondly, instead of producing the known issues for the Build 11082 in the blog post, they will be going to produce them in the Insider Hub which is available for Windows Insider.

Take a peek at the known issues here in RedStone Preview Build 11082 for Windows 10 Insider –

  • Languages packs and features will refuse to install on request in this specific build.
  • During the process of removing, shifting or copying files, you will not be prompted the progress dialog box. Well, this might end up in puzzling the situation when it comes to huge files.
  • With the advent of this build, application defaults for some applications will be shifted. For instance, Music & Video will roll back to Windows Media Player. This can be rearranged via Settings program at your convenience.

RedStone Preview Build 11082 for Windows 10 Insider comes with a lot of announcements and trifles on the ground. Something like OneCore has been kept hidden and no detail enlights. Build’s impact on the Tech giant products in future is awaited.



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