Save to Drive: save Files into Google Drive from Web

You admire services of Google Drive for keeping important files unharmed. It provides efficient space to keep files intact, and such feature tempts common users to have more and more files into his or her stake. The mindset of the user prevails to download numerous files as per their need then after navigate Google Drive and upload all these items to use later on. Activity of downloading and uploading various type of file consume more time and in such instance aggravate users to try such application that empowers them to directly save files from the web to Google Drive. Google concerned with users demand and produced an application that directly save various files in Google Drive. The particular Google application is known ‘Save to Drive’. Underneath lines elaborate feature of Save to Drive application, as well as process of downloading.

The ‘Save to Drive’ is an application for Chrome browser. It allows the user to save all such content you like to have from the internet onto your Google Drive. To use ‘Save to Drive’ application you need to install it from below link then after after logged in to Google Drive account and configure ‘Save to Drive’ extension. Once you complete above act you will be able to find extended context menu that allow you to save HTML 5 Audios & Videos, Image and Links to Google Drive. But remember Chrome extension does not support Flash audio and video files.

As far as you are looking to get ‘Save to Drive’ application you need to access Chrome Web Store after then navigate such chrome extension. Though it is quite easy to navigate exact location of Save to Drive, if you follow below link.

Save to Drive

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