ScreenToGif 2.27.2 Released with bug fixes and Experimental Features

Latest version ScreenToGif 2.27.2 has been released with bug fixes and some known issues.

ScreenToGif 2.27.2

ScreenToGif is a handy and popular tool to record a specific area of your computer screen you select. Furthermore, the utility allows to use the live feed from your webcam, or live drawing from a sketch board. Later, you can edit and store the animation as a png, a gif video, png, or psd images.

Today, ScreenToGif 2.27.2 has been released with some bug fixes. The latest version of this app has also some known issues.

ScreenToGif 2.27.2 Released with bug fixes

Here is ScreenToGif 2.27.2 changelog –

Bug fixes

  1. If you tried to open the app while not having .Net 4.8 installed, a crash was happening the before the message could appear explaining that .Net 4.8 was required.
  2. Gifski was shrinking the size of gifs bigger than 800×600.
  3. It was not possible to download FFmpeg.

Known issues

  1. Error when trying to recording using DirectX. (Invalid call)
  2. Impossible to load SharpDX libraries.
  3. Error after recording, while opening the editor window.
  4. The video importer keeps loading indefinitely
  5. When saving a gif using the overwrite option while the output file has a usage lock, no error appears.
  6. The newer recorder does not let you move (by dragging) the selected region to other windows.
  7. When using the capture option “Capture a frame only when something changes on screen” and moving the recording window, the recording will glitch.
  8. The Previous/Next repeat buttons are only triggering the events once.

Experimental features

  1. Full screen recording.
  2. Capture using DesktopDuplication (DirectX).

See – Windows 10 – How to Record Screen with Problem Steps Recorder.

ScreenToGif 2.27.2 download links

Portable zip – 1350KB

MSI File – ScreenToGif.2.27.2.Setup.msi 3.25MB

Source – GitHub Project.

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