How to share files between Mac and Windows PC easily

There are many people who own both Mac and Windows computers. In such cases, there are good times when a file from one computer is required on other. This needs a proper synchronization of the files between both the computers. Many websites provide a lot of How to guides for this sharing, but very method requires some changes to be made to the default settings.

So, the users who are not interested to change the settings of any device and want to share files between both the devices should make the use of the free software named FileDrop. FileDrop is similar to Air Drop. AirDrop is used for sharing files between two Mac PCs and FileDrop is used for sharing files between the Mac and the Windows PC which includes the features like drag and drop. This Software is so efficient to use as the user does not have to play with the System’s settings.

The program can be easily used and the interface is brilliantly designed. On a Mac and a Windows running the same network, Download and install this software. After the successful installation of the software, run it to scan both the Windows and Mac running on same network. For Mac, you will have to drag and drop the file On FileDrop to share it with the Windows and for Windows, it is just the opposite.

While The FileDrop runs, a box appears on the Screen. Drag the file of your desire which you want to share on this box. Another option to Accept or Decline appears. Clicking on accept will starts the file transfer. When a large number of files have to be transferred, FileDrop shows the progress report in percentage.

And when there are more than two computers on the same network, then all the computers are shown on FileDrop. Even the files can be shared between two Windows PCs on the same network. By default, all the files transferred through FileDrop get saved in the Downloads folder. This can be changed by clicking on the Downloads folder to change the settings and change the destination folder.

The ultimate impression is that this software is perfect for those people who are not interested to change the default settings of their PCs. As for now, only the desktop version of this app is now available, but soon the mobile version will also be available which will help the users share files between their PCs and mobile platforms.

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