Some of the Best gifts for Christmas and New Year

Voila! It is Christmas and in 7 days count down 2013 will come. It is time for enjoyment and gifts. Here at, we have compiled a list of some of the best tech gifts which you can ask your Santa for or gift others. Here’s our personal take:

  • Amazon kindle: A best gift for a geek. This light weight, affordable e-book reader is amazing for reading books, newspapers, magazines and all other stuff. It even has a WiFi connection. The battery power is amazing and hundreds of books can be bought from the online Amazon store.
  • Apple TV: For all those who are obsessed with the Apple products, a must have. It streams all the stuff from the iTunes store such as the movies or the TV stores direct to the HDTV which can be bought or rented. All the media content can be streamed to the television from any Apple device using the AirPlay.
  • Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch: It is an awesome e-book reader. With the presence of the high responsive and high contrast pearl e-ink, the touch screen is very sensitive. The battery life is up to two months and you can easily use the wifi to access the online store to purchase the content.
  • Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760: In this world of high fuel consumption, this is a must have device. It combines an integrated solar panel to charge using any light source. The design is very sleek. With no problem of dangling wires and no battery change, this device which can be used with any Apple device is a must have.
  • Logitech UE Mobile Boombox: For the music lovers, it is a delight. The small compact size with the presence of Bluetooth hence no wires dangling. The battery is rechargeable and it is quite portable. A must have.
  • Seagate Backup Plus: Seagate is making its feet firm in the Devices market and with this device it is sure to rule. This 1TB device has very good looks, is fast and flexible. The awesome looks makes it a must buy.
  • Logitech Harmony 650:  It is a universal remote. The ergonomics are next to none. It has an LCD screen, can be programmed via web through Windows or Mac PCs. A must have for those who hate using multiple remotes.
  • Soundfreaq Sound Kick: A very attractive portable Bluetooth speaker with a battery life of about 7 hours. It even has a USB port for charging smartphones and other portable devices. The sound quality is much large compared to its size.
  • Meelectronics A151 earbuds: For all those who want to enjoy in silence, it is a must have. The fit is perfect for ever type of the ear. The sound quality is also very detailing. It is the most affordable earphones compared to its awesome features. A must have.
  • LG Tone HBS-700 Bluetooth stereo headset: For all those who love Tangle free enjoyment. The behind the neck design is very comfortable and fits every ear type. The sound quality is also amazing.

The most basic feature of all these devices is that they are all under 100$ so very affordable. Give your own personal favorites by joining the discussion forum.

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