Surface Pro 4 Tips to Setup and Customize

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the duly anticipated and freshly unveiled Windows 10 device that can function as both desktop and tablet with magnified specifications. It is faster, improved, and the battery span of it is far ahead of its former version. But after possessing the device you need to configure numerous important areas of the OS. In this article, we are writing here Surface Pro 4 Tips to Setup and Customize for different areas of configuration like setting up a local account, working on brightness, multitasking, and many more.

Surface Pro 4 Tips to Setup and Customize

During the procedure of the inaugural boot of Surface Pro 4, you, the owner needs to travel through certain steps to set up Windows 10, the operating system for the machine. Let us take you through the primary steps or points that are certainly be taken care of –

Surface Pro 4 Tips to Setup and Customize

How to Setup your Surface Pro 4

  • Turn on the tablet by pressing down its Power button.
  • You will be asked to appoint a single language, pick it up from the list followed by choosing a color as user-interface of your preference.
  • Then allocate a name for your tablet, anything of your choice, it may be a catchy name that will look best.
  • While going ahead, get the license conditions.
  • Now it’s time to team the Surface Pro 4 with the Surface Pen. So, keep holding the upper button till you come across the light that will shine at the edge of the Pen. The teaming will get done with the aid of Bluetooth and a note will be showcased, Your device is connected.
  • If the WiFi connection is available and visible, make a tap on Connect button.
  • If it is protected with a password, assign it and get connected.
  • On the next screen, with the aid of either Use express settings or Customize, proceed onward.

It is the time for the device to get associated with Microsoft account. Well, assuming you have a genuine one, implement its details and get the device connected to your account. Those who are having more than one account, utilize anyone for the time being and add the others later on.

For those who are not having a Microsoft account, they can build a fresh one at the moment. Utterly pick up the option that says Sign up for new email address”. Obey the screen guidelines and establish the account. The preferable address by Microsoft will be

For the new users of Windows 10, we will showcase the important areas in the below section that will explain to you their respective set-ups and adjustments.

How to Create a Local Account in Surface Pro 4

The email address via which you have associated your gadget has to be exercised now and then when you sign in to your device. There are many users who do not prefer to use this procedure and hence for them another alternative is there. Simply establish a local account for this purpose.

  • Fire up the Start Menu and appoint a tap on Settings symbol.
  • This will spread the Settings program on-screen where various categories are showcased. Be into the Accounts.
  • From the left fringe of options, present into the first one, Your account.
  • The other side of the same section exhibits your present account details. Take a look and you can see a link that reads as Sign in with a local account instead.
  • Execute a tap or click on the link and follow the guidelines manifested on the screen.

How to Access WiFi in Surface Pro 4

If you are into the WiFi circle and want your Surface Pro 4 to link to it, pursue the process underneath –

  • With the aid of Symbol on the Start Menu, bring out the Settings program.
  • From the assorted categories, select Network & Internet.
  • Now make your presence into the Wifi segment, available at the left edge.
  • If it is not turned on, toggle to On and you can see the names of those connections that are within the range.
  • Make a tap on the preferred connection and if it is secured with a password, provide the same and go along with Connect button.

How to Enter to Tablet Mode in Surface Pro 4

By default when you sign into Pro 4, it carries you straight to the Desktop mode. Read out the underneath points to enter Tablet mode.

  • Make the Start Menu visible in order to opt for the Settings program.
  • It displays numerous categories; click on the first one called System.
  • Sneak at the left column and trace out Tablet mode segment.
  • The opposite side of the segment lists various choices. With the assistance of the first one that says as Make Windows more touch-friendly when using your device as a tablet initiate the Tablet mode. 
  • Exercise with the other settings of the same segment and see which one works best for you.

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How to Adjust Brightness in Surface Pro 4

  • Spread up the Action Center from the far right icon on the taskbar.
  • Look for the Brightness symbol and regulate the same. When you tap on the symbol you can see the change its percentage.
  • Also, making way through Start Menu => Settings => System => Display you can supervise the brightness with the aid of its slider.

How to Optimize Power & Sleep in Surface Pro 4

  • Roll out the Start Menu and head forward by picking up the Settings symbol.
  • The program is a store of assorted categories, each different from the other. So, affix a click on the first one, System.
  • On the left column, from the obtainable segments, conduct a click on Power & Sleep.
  • The opposite side of the portion is divided into two sections – Screen and Sleep.
  • Both the sections again holds two individual options that allow you to pick up the time span after whose expire the screen will turn off or go to sleep.
  • The situations under both the sections are when the Pro will be on charge or while functioning on battery.
  • Carry out the adjustments as per your desire.
  • To extract more on this matter, conduct a click on the link at the bottom which says Additional power settings.
  • It will instantly carry you to the Power Options from where you can customize or establish your custom plan.

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How to use Battery Saver in Surface Pro 4

  • Travel via this path to approach Battery Saver: Start Menu => Settings => System => Battery Saver.
  • The two sections are clearly understandable. The Overview showcases the amount of charge left on your device’s battery.
  • Whereas when you activate the Battery Saver, you avert the performances of the background events to strengthen the battery life of Pro 4.
  • The Battery saver settings link explores more options that you can find in our other article How to Optimize Battery Saver Settings in Windows 10 to get Utmost.

How to use Multitasking in Surface Pro 4

To efficiently carry out the manifold works on various desktops, use the Task View of Windows 10. By spreading out numerous desktops, you can assign each work to each desktop and also can shift from one to the other easily.

  • Way to Task View is damn easy. Look at the taskbar and the third icon from the extreme left is the Task View.
  • You can attach a desktop to Task View using the + New Desktop button.
  • The applications on the active desktops can be moved from one to another.
  • To find out the detailed procedure, read our article on Task View.

Multitasking is not limited to Task View only. When you see the System category, among the assorted segments, Multitasking is one. It reveals many options for Snap. More on Snap and its workings are jotted down in this post.

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