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Math Ninja For Kids is a Windows 8 app. This app has been created keeping in mind to teach kids basic maths along with fun. This gaming app allows you to test your mathematical skills and test how good you are at different mathematical operations. Thus, you can know where your kid is and start right from there. It consists of 3 levels that are available for each operation provided here on this app. Each level has numerous questions to be solved. Tell your kids to try this out and watch them how good they are at it. They could also have fun with its different settings.

The interface of Math Ninja For Kids app has been designed in a green background which looks beautiful. There are a large number of achievements provided here on this app to be won when you qualify its requisite like Solving 5 problems back to back etc. This app also provides the facility of global leaderboard, thus letting you know where you stand on a global basis. The game uses good sound effects and graphics, that will make sure that your kids are fully engaged in the game. A screenshot of this app has been shown below:

Ninja Math for kids Windows 8 app

A link has been provided at the last of this article from where you can get access to Math Ninja For Kids Windows 8 App.

How to Use Math Ninja For Kids App

Running Math Ninja For Kids app will open up a window. Here, you can choose the start option on its main screen. There are different operations provided here on this app like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with 3 different levels. Increasing level increases the complexity. A cube is also present there, using which you can get mixed questions to answer. After choosing the operation from the given list, you would have to choose the level which you want to play. The moment you click on start, your game would start automatically. You just have to answer the questions correctly.

The game will begin with a bang. You would be shown a number of questions during the game which would be having 3 answers in level 1 four answers in level 2 and 3, like multiple choice. All you have to do is to choose the correct option out of the four multiple choices that are given to you. Just try to answer as quickly as possible in order to gain maximum score as there is a timer there which would submit the unattended or wrong answer if you were not quick.

  1. Control: The controls of the game are pretty easy. For touch enabled devices, just a simple touch by finger or touch pen would help to choose the option. For computing systems, you can click the right option using the mouse cursor. The controls of the game are pretty easy. For touch enabled devices, just a simple touch by finger or touch pen would help to choose the option. For computing systems, you can click the right option using the mouse cursor.
  2. Achievements: There are numerous of achievements which you can get by fulfilling different requisite of any particular achievement. After the game, you can go to the achievement category that is available on the main menu to check out the achievements you have earned. You can also see the total score earned by you.
  3. Submit to leaderboard: If you wish to be a part of other users who are using this app, you can do by submitting your score here. This option serve 2 purposes: The first one is that you will be keep in touch with other scores i.e how high are they from you. The second is that you can give a challenge to your friends as well as some random users. Note that, you would have to mention your player’s name there, then only you can see yourself online as well as global score.

Key Features of Math Ninja For Kids App

  1. Available for completely free
  2. A Basic Math Guide for Small kids
  3. Fast-paced Math practice with multiple choice answer
  4. 5 modes: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Random (mixed)
  5. 3 Levels of difficulty
  6. Cute tiger ninja theme
  7.  Many Many Achievements – a way for parents to track children’s progress

My Note

Math Ninja For Kids is a very good app for children on Windows 8. It is a Windows Maths Game designed aiming at providing basic teaching to small kids. This app also provides the option to check back the calculation done by you and thus increase your arithmetic solving capability with having lots of fun. Overall, this is a worth trying app.

Math Ninja For Kids App

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