Today – Android App to Watch Video, Browse Stories At the Same Time

Today is the latest android app in the entertainment market covering the different elements of life and bringing you something new that you would definitely enjoy. Using this Android app you can watch video, browse stories and read many stuffs at the same time. This app is free and fits for quick time pass, rushers and people doing multi tasks. For someone who is in a rush Today app would keep new stuffs stored for you to get to see it later or for someone who is obsessed with watching videos and new stories all the time this app will fulfill his curiosity for his need instantly.

The interface is very simple not to mention even very spontaneous for all those who are even vaguely familiar with the native language. Launch the app and you are good to go. The division of different sections makes it much easier to go about the app to find the stuffs that relate to you.

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How to use Today App

Once you have installed this app from the play store you can do the following with this app

All Around Stuff– When the app is launched you will be directed onto the screen displaying various titles like Top Stories, News, Money, Midday etc. For the one that you want to see you just have to click on it to get the latest that is going around in that section. You can also see the two tabs on the left hand side that can be used to navigate into and out of different sections without pressing the back key.

Watching Videos – In the main menu the Option for Top stories is available. You can watch videos that are fresh and uploaded recently. You just have to click on the Watch video on the screen for video that you would like to see, and it will start to stream. While you can watch you can also create a playlist of your videos that you like and save them for future references. A snapshot of the following feature is shown below

Split the Screen – Since people today are most interested in getting knowledge and feed from all the different sections of life including entertainment, politics, Economics and money this app has a feature that enable users to split screen to do multitasking. Watch Top story video and read the News simultaneously with split screens. This is amazing when you are sitting idly and then you find and enjoy interesting things on various sections.

Key Feature of Today App

  1. Enhanced Sharing Options.
  2. Fast Notifications available.
  3. Flexible Navigation Options for Menu.
  4. Other App displays for non-natives.
  5. Improves Sideshow Resolution and Graphics.
  6. Bugs Fixed.


With stimulating sections presented in an orderly manner this app provides an easy viewing of the latest news and feed from everywhere else. You get best and fresh news from all the Today shows with your favourite anchor and all. Only if the ad from the app could have been removed it would have been an apt and excellent for the Android but otherwise it’s a good app.

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