InstaPic – Fully Featured Instagram Client on Windows 8

InstaPic is an Instagram app for Windows 8 and it is the first one and fully featured Instagram client for Windows 8 and comes with no cost. For those who are not familiar with Instagram it’s a widely famous app available for iOs and Android supporting devices that enable users to take photos directly from the device and share these photos on the internet with your friends. Such an app was missing for Windows 8 devices, and now with InstaPic, the missing part has been fixed.

The interface is very clean and easy to deal with. Designers have made it really smooth for the users to work effectively. All the buttons available have an intuitive nature so that you don’t have to refer to any help.

                   instapic for widows 8

You could have the access to this app from Windows 8 App Store or you could simply click on the link provided in this article at the last.

How to use InstaPic App

After you have installed it on your Windows 8 device and launched it you will navigate to a screen to login with your Instagram account username and password. If you are a new user you just have to tap the option below to create a new account. The first page displays your timeline and popular stuff. You can see above that the photos are displayed in a large view thus making it easier to see them. You can swipe horizontally to navigate through the screen onto the other. An activity option provides you with the latest updates. What else! There is more to this such as taking the photo and sharing it with Facebook that becomes much easier. You can also comment on the photo or you can download it on your device which is a unique feature and it’s missing in other apps.

Your Profile: The profile option has all the information about yourself and your latest activity so that you can follow up anytime. This is quite spontaneous in the sense that you always refer it to view your followers and likes.

Uploading Photo: This is an easy task since the photo is taken directly from your device or if you wish to upload any other you can always browse through your device. After the image is taken you can crop it with a limitation because originally Instagram prefers square images to provide effects but it essentially is up to you.

Photo Editor: A multi-featured photo editor powered by Aviary is an interesting feature of this app. You can bring about any changes such as brightness, sharpness, contrast, enhance the image, and many others including red-eye effect. Once you have done all the editing you just have provided a caption and tap on the upload button to get it on your account. Or there is an option using which you can save it to your local storage.

Key Features of this App:

  1. Offers many interesting features.
  2. Special Photo Editor.
  3. Free of cost and very easy to use application.
  4. Downloading option to save your image.

Conclusion: It is definitely a yes when asked about whether it’s a useful app or not. The app is astonishing since it gives you advanced features that are missing on any other alike app.

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  1. yup same problem here n also dont know to send message to a user

  2. How to add a profile pic ??

  3. The only thing I don’t like about this app is that you can’t add a profile pic.