Top 10 Coolest Windows 10 Themes

Every user wants to have the Coolest Windows 10 Themes on his computer. Windows 10 is going to complete 2 years and a number of themes came to light on the web within this period. Some of them are from Microsoft while many other from 3rd party websites. So we will present you here top 10 out of these cool themes for Windows 10 along with their download locations. See an article on the ever-popular theme – Download Windows 10 Black Theme.

Microsoft has always been the best in providing a variety of coolest Windows themes to choose from. In the Featured Desktop Themes section, there are hundreds and thousands of themes that you can hangout with. Windows 10 also, like other versions give you the facility to poster those unique wallpapers to give your system a feel of awesomeness.

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Top 10 Coolest Windows 10 Themes You must never miss

1. 3D Themes

These are the top among the coolest themes for Windows 10 because these have 3D geometry. Just like we have 3D movies and 3D books nowadays, themes have also become 3 dimensional irrespective of the older themes which used to be dull and uncatchy to use systems with. Contributions of technology to the digital world has always been massive and this is an outcome of the same.

If you want to have a coolest Windows 10 themes then 3D themes might be the best choice for you. The colors that you get in these 3D themes might not be vibrant as what you think but they assure you that you would never feel bored while looking them. These themes are equally operational in the older Windows editions. This 3D theme pack contains 17 HD wallpapers each one of which is unique and gives the best possible feel.

Get from here.

2. Animations

Seeing the popularity of Animation themes, they are entitled to be in Top 10 Coolest Windows 10 Themes. Animation is what we normally call the Anime category. Those who keep doing stuff related to animation or love watching cartoons, series or movies develop an extraordinarily insane love for these anime characters. These induce a sense where the person himself starts relating to these cartoon characters and fictitious personalities. This theme pack is basically for them. Besides giving a classy and catchy look, it transforms the system’s background sometimes into a battlefield and sometimes into soft and lovely system’s atmosphere.

If you want extra then follow this article – How to Get More Themes online From Store Windows 10.

It consists of a lot of HD animated wallpapers some of which are “Eevee”, “Pokeball”, “Akatsuki”, “Mirai Nikki”, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”, “Naruto, One Piece and Sword” “Art Online”. So power up your PCs using these animated wallpapers and become a warrior or some sort of knight handling that power and using it for your own stuff. This collection comes under the best Windows 10 themes 2017 category. It supports the fact that why Anime category comes under the class of the coolest Windows 10 themes packs.

Grab from here.

3. Dark

Dark themes are always good because they offer least eye straining, texts are easily readable and look cool besides everything. These Dark themes have grown in popularity since the last few years from computer operating systems to smartphones. Dark theme is not dark in functionality and feeling, which is contrary to what its name suggests. It is simply the best for people who have to keep using the systems for hours or sometimes for even days and nights.

View a sample of Dark themes with this article – Download Alienware Themes for Windows 10 and Install.

The wallpapers under this theme pack save people from suffering headaches and irritation in eyes which a few other fail. Other themes that they provide are sometimes too vibrant and contrasting that they can easily lead to sudden health issues. Luckily, there are a lot of ready-to-download dark themes for every taste and style out there. In addition Windows 10 Official Dark Theme, this pack contains:

A) Nocturnal Win10 Dark Theme

This theme is the best if you intend to bring a dark background to your system running Windows 10. It is basically for Nocturnals who have to spend the entire night before the systems being awake. It upgrades every part of the system, means from the control panel to the File Explorer into a dark theme.

Get Nocturnal Windows 10 Dark Theme.

B) Ades dark Theme

This takes a mixture of grey and blue/ green. Grey is the reason for why this theme is dark. Other colors induce a feel into this grey-engaged dark theme pack. So without bringing real darkness into effect, you can stay away from problems like Eye-strain, Irritation, and headache.

Get from this link.

C) Penumbra 10 Dark Theme

Penumbra 10 specializes in making the entire background a dark site. It does not blend colors into the interface. Rather, it prefers neutral colors to induce darkness. This is however not easy to install as it needs a third-party tool for setting up right.

Grab Penumbra

D) Dark/Grey Windows 10 dark theme

This is one of the simplest dark and Coolest Windows 10 Themes you can work with. Not only it is dark but also has the ability to clear-cut redefine Desktop background into the dark texture. This is completely free-to-use and does not need any third-party tool for installation.

Windows 10 themes DeviantArt contains Windows 10 Dark Edition themes by neiio and other people who have succeeded in implementing their awesomeness and creativity into the Windows 10 wallpapers. These themes are the most preferred dark themes that thousands of people download everyday to make their systems safe. You can easily download your favorite theme from DeviantArt.

Occupy the theme from here.

4. Jarvis Theme for Windows 10

Jarvis is one of the top 10 coolest Windows 10 themes. Do you remember the Jarvis from IronMan and his way of presenting facts and data on Tony Stark’s command? The same Jarvis is here to power up your PCs where everything will change to Jarvis without third party installer. All your files and folders, texts and documents will become transparent but outlined blue-print. It provides the best experience of Jarvis through PCs. You can easily download this skin/ theme from DeviantArt where some insanely creative geeks have modified the functionality. And thus the popularity of the new Jarvis Theme for Windows 10. Not only Windows 10, this theme is equally functional in Windows 7 and 8.1.

The first version of this theme had bugs and requires a third-party tool for its installation. The upgraded version was that’s why released to eliminate the bugs and thus it needed not third-party installer to install it in Windows 10. It is a highly Customizable theme. You can by yourself configure it or change its settings as per your preferences and BOOM.

The makers, however, are trying to bring the next Updated version of Jarvis Theme for Windows 10. This version will obviously have more advanced features and an extra-catchy interface to work with. So just download these cool Windows 10 themes and bang.

See and follow this guide – How to Download and Install Jarvis Theme For Windows 10.

5. Windows 10 Christmas Theme

Keeping in mind that how people appreciate the festival of Christmas, Christmas theme was released for Windows 10 users.  The wallpaper is great because it has Christmas Tree on one side of the screen with a dim light texture on the other side including the center.

The lighting (which is dim) is in the blue color that looks cool with tiles over it. The tree (Christmas) keeps holding the feel and hope that Christmas Eve is somewhere nearby and thus an event of getting happier is not far. The coolest thing which most of the users (of this theme) said is the uncut Christmas tree which is decorated with snow and lights over it looks positive and light to the heart and mind. This makes the people feel the Christmas spirit even more.

The procedure to obtain this theme has to be followed equally for all running Windows versions. Simply search it directly or download it from DeviantArt. DeviantArt is more good as there the themes are available in a more customized format which you may like. If you are hoping for some modifications in the actual Windows 10 Christmas Theme you will find.

Find Christmas theme from here.

6: Arc Theme Windows 10

This theme is available in Dark and Light texture on some coolest Windows 10 themes dealing sites like DeviantArt. The owner of the theme is Jamie Green aka Neiio. The theme basically imparts an aesthetic look to the system. The theme came with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and instantly become one of the best Windows 10 themes you can have. The Arc theme basically has its roots with Linux OS, but it is functional on Windows 10 as well. It gives a clean and completely flat visual style to the Windows 10 computer. Arc genuinely occupies a place within Top 10 Coolest Windows 10 Themes.

This requires a 3rd-party tool for setting up and you need to initially patch the system files employing UxStyle for the creation of a restore point.

Once you have patched up the system files using UxStyle, you have to copy Arc theme files to Windows> Resources> Themes and then double-clicking the INF file will apply it at your Windows background as a wallpaper.

To remove the theme, erase files from the above-mentioned folder/ destination and that’s it.
So download this cool Arc theme for your Windows 10 from DeviantArt (4.3Mb in size) and enjoy the aesthetic feel that I hope would help you to stay engaged like never before.

Get the arc themes from here – Download ARC Windows 10 theme Linux (Dark and Light).

7: Ultrauxthemepatcher

This is a customizing tool that modifies the system files so that 3rd party themes can be easily installed on the system. Using this you can easily download Windows themes from third party sources and can even activate them without any hassle. This tool backups the former system files and thus the system theme comes to its initial state or the settings when you Delete the theme pack.

Using this application you can pretty simply customize your workplace with visual styles without experiencing the need to install some other tool to patch your system or its files. Apart from the effortless installation of the third party themes, it comes with a wizard-like menu that provides extra benefits to the users in ease of operation. It carefully unlocks your system’s customization potentials by patching up a series of files in the system.

Since while Patching some of the system files may damage, you need to use with immense caution. Its popularity and reliability came into light when the theme experienced thousand of downloads within the first week of its launch. So just use this mind-blowing patcher cum theme unlocker to extract benefits out of thousands of third party visual styles. So it will be an injustice if we don’t include Ultrauxthemepatcher in Top 10 Cool Windows 10 Themes.

Locate and download Ultrauxthemepatcher.

8. Chrome Windows 10 theme

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in today’s time. In fact, most of the people spend hours and sometimes even days in browsing and doing research about anything specific that they desire. During these times it becomes very dull and boring to always have that white blank background of the Chrome browser. To retain that user interest in Chrome and to provide an aesthetic look to the browser, Win10 or what we call Chrome Theme was designed. This theme is operational in Windows 10 only and is very low in size.

It also does not need any third party tool to patch the system and for Installation. In Fact, it is a ready-to-download theme that you easily found on the Internet. Chrome Theme for Windows 10 is a simple dark theme especially for Win10 users with the dark mode. Win10 is that Chrome theme we are talking about. Chrome as what the name refers to is designed for Google Chrome to fit with and enhance the feel of Microsoft’s Windows 10. So Chrome Windows 10 theme must have a place in Top 10 Coolest Windows 10 Themes.

Themebeta is one of the websites that gives the opportunity to theme designers to create as well as share Google Chrome themes online.

Encompass Chrome Windows 10 theme.

9. Windows 95 theme for Windows 10

A number of people want to stay with the old classical feel of Windows 95 even in their most updated Windows version i.e. Windows 10. This is because “Old school remains the gold school”. Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, however, don’t provide the facility to personalize the system’s desktop into that old classic look of 95.

Due to this, many downgraded their Windows version and even left negative feedback about failing to do so. Keeping this thing in mind, Windows 95 theme was launched in separate so that Windows 10 users can enjoy the same old and classic look without any hassle. This theme provides the facility to customize the maximum of how Windows 10 looks like, to Windows 95 which is just awesome.
The theme files need to be permanently stored on the hard-drive to be functional. Deleting them from the hard-drive will revert back to the Windows 10 original look. Windows 10 Classic Shell is a similar kind, which does the same work as what Windows 95 theme pack do. These theme packs are very famous among users who are old in age or youngsters who love vintage and classy stuff more than the modern day themes and gadgets.

You can simply download and install it in your desktop Personalization settings. Just double click these Coolest Windows 10 Themes in your settings to make use of it. You can easily modify these themes as per your requirements and can even delete them to get rid of them.

Download from Google Drive.

10. Windows 10 Dark Mode

The dark mode has made Windows users go through solving out a puzzle, as its existence is always a mystery that needs to be solved. Back in the time when Windows XP was released, the existence of the dark theme called “Royale Noir” blew several minds. The functionality and thus the popularity of the version grew spontaneously, as people found the facility to limit eye-straining and unusual headaches which they used to suffer from the normal system light or we can say contrasting backgrounds. For unknown reasons, Microsoft kept the existence a secret. But when some exceptional minds discovered this version, history was created.

Now in Windows 10, Microsoft again has come up with a hidden dark mode which we commonly call Windows 10 dark mode and look, the history has repeated itself. This Windows 10 dark mode looks majestic as it imparts a completely dark background with shining icons all over it. This ensures that the system leaves the least impact on the user’s eyesight and thus the problems like eye irritation and headache can be reduced or limited by this mode.

Enabling this hidden dark mode is not everyone’s cup of tea as it needs to do a series of tasks first. Don’t worry, the Finale is simply worth doing all this.

To enjoy the dark mode go behind the guide – Choose Dark Mode for Settings Application in Windows 10.

Today, You have successfully enabled the dark mode in Windows 10. But this mode is not universal because a few apps do not fully support it yet. But the apps that fully support this mode, the background looks pretty and close to awesomeness.

Final Words

So this was the list of Top 10 coolest Windows 10 Themes. I hope that was a good introduction and review that we provided in this article. Also, while some of the themes don’t need any kind of Installer or a third-party tool, oppositely, other like 3D themes need a third-party tool to patch system files and allow easy installation. All in all, these are the best themes that you can easily engage and work with after installing them in your Windows 10 PC. In addition to these 10, there are many other themes on the internet that are unique as well as reliable than what we discussed. It’s just the fame and popularity that dragged us to write about these theme packs only. So install the Coolest Windows 10 Themes and keep enjoying.

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