Top 4 Puzzle Games for iPhone with Download Link

Solving Puzzle ‘Game’ is been fascinating act. It is a nice mental exercise to sharpen one’s mental skill. People having smartphone device like iPhone have been seen to solve Puzzle, whenever getting time for it. To provide larger Puzzle Games space, I have picked popular and top 4 iPhone Puzzle Games, which is known by name: Drop 7, Flow Free, Turnacle and What’s The Word. These handpicked iPhone Puzzle Games have proven credential. You may get key specification about iPhone Puzzle Game in the part of the remaining article.

Drop 7

It is most popular free Puzzle Game for iPhone devices. Drop 7 needs robust thinking to solve the puzzle. In the gaming environment, you need to control colored orbs that drop onto the board with having certain numeric value. The Drop 7 is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. You can install Drop 7 Puzzle Game on your iOS device with appropriate link that kept below:

Download Drop 7 (iPhone Puzzle Game)

Flow Free

Flow Free is an attractive puzzle game that is played on fixed size grid with pairs of colored orbs. Your pursuit is something to match with same colored orbs and mark bridges across them. Earlier gaming stage is much simple to go ahead, but on the later stage it becomes Tricky to solve. Whether you are looking to install Flow Free gaming app for iPhone, just click below link.

Download Flow Free (iPhone Puzzle Game)


Turnacle is a nice puzzle game to entertain massive people. In Turnacle gaming app, you have to match adjacent colors, using disc rotation. When you begin with two or four discs, you can swiftly handle the puzzle. Turnacle gaming app is like solving advanced version of Sudoku. Once you need to install ‘Turnacle’ on to your iPhone, you could use below link. But, remember this application’s price is .99 USA dollar.

Download Turnacle (iPhone Puzzle Game application)

What’s The Word

What’s the Word is a funny puzzle game application that comes with nice user interface.  The application lets you to guess the word according to concurrent condition and use the letters given to create related words.  Whether you want to improve your Vocabulary with fun then it could be the best instrument.  If you want to install ‘What’s The Word’ gaming application on iPhone, just use given link.

Download What’s The Word (iPhone Puzzle Game Application)

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