How to Track blocked calls and texts on Android with Current Caller ID

When you get numerous unwanted call or text on your Android phone that create troubles in your mind you want to get rid of these panic  instantly. In this situation, you have an excellent solution to  block all calls using the default Android contact app. However, if you are facing to unwanted voice calls or messages yet, then a new Android app Current Caller ID can help to fix it. The app presents new recommended blocking feature. It will allow to block calls or SMS of those people who often call or SMS whether they are added in your phone contacts or not. In addition, It  performs a role of tracking and hang up the action when they call regularly.

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How to Track blocked Calls and Texts Current Called ID  app on Android Phone

Step 1

At first, you have to install Current Caller ID by White Pages app on your Android phone.

Launch Current Caller ID app from your Android phone menu list.

Then tap on the small block icon at the top side of the app screen. It seems as stop icon with a palm sign.

current called id by white pages app

Step 2

Next you will get hand with the plus sign icon at the top right side of the app screen and tap on it.


current called id app

Step 3

Next press the Block button beside of  recent callers lists to block unwanted incoming calls from next time.

Here, you can also tap on the Phone Number button at the top side in order to enter another number manually to block it.

block list

Step 4

As soon as you finish actions , press the back button on your Android phone. Then tap on Settings button at the top right corner to highlight app’s settings screen.

Step 5

Here, you have to configure the blocking system in desired way like blocking  calls, texts. Finally, you have to check the tab of receive alerts option atthe bottom while the app blocks a call or text.

current calller id app settings