Tricky Shot Soccer Windows 8 / 10 App – Show Football Abilities

Tricky Shot Soccer is a Windows 8 App to show your soccer abilities. The game has two modes – Mode 1 and mode 2. Mode 1 has 22 levels to accomplish and mode 2 has 34 levels to finish. The game starts with mode 1. In this mode, you have to flick the ball through particular targets like hitting hanging tires or dropping bottles. All the levels of this mode are locked except the 1st one. Complete that level to unlock the other levels. To play mode 2 games you have to score 1000 points. In mode two you have to pass the soccer ball to the virtual player or to achieve the targets with a number of allotted throws. It is a very interesting game to play.

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Tricky Shot Soccer Windows 8 App - Show Football Abilities

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How to Play Tricky Shot Soccer Windows 8 Game

1. Install the app from the link provided below or directly own it from the games or sports category of Windows 8 Store.

2. You can see mode 1 and mode 2.

Tricky Shot Soccer Windows 8 App - Show Football Abilities

3. When you click on mode 1, you can see all locked levels except one. Your game starts from that level.
Or you can directly click on the “Play” button to start the game.

Tricky Shot Soccer Windows 8 App - Show Football Abilities

4. You can see a short description of your target.

Tricky Shot Soccer Windows 8 App - Show Football Abilities

5. Accomplish your task and go to the next level.

Tricky Shot Soccer Windows 8 App - Show Football Abilities

But you should know how to flick the ball to the destined target. So, left click the mouse and hold the ball and drag it towards the assigned target and you flip the ball.

Tricky Shot Soccer Windows 8 App Design

Interface of this app is very charming. You can see the play being carried out at the backyard of a house. While playing the game you can hear amazing sounds. The most attractive nature of the game is that it has 3D graphics. You will love to see the ball, the graphics, backyard of the house, and you trying to hit the ball on the target.

Tricky Shot Soccer App Features

  1. It’s absolutely free.
  2. More than 50 levels to unlock.
  3. Excellent sound effects.
  4. Fully 3D environment.
  5. Two modes to play.
  6. Improves soccer skills.


Tricky Shot Soccer will have all the football lovers in its list. This is the best app for football lovers. Improve your skills and enjoy the game through this app. With excellent 3D work and sound effects, this game will make you surely sit in front of the computers for hours and if love to play football then you would get up only after finishing all the levels. With so many levels to unlock you will definitely learn some tactics of the football game. The game is easy to play once you master yourself in kicking the ball. Few controls of the mouse and your ball are inside the target. It’s advisable for the game lovers to install this game and master yourself in kicking the ball!

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