TubeStop: Chrome Extension to add Keyboard Shortcuts to YouTube

Having keyboard shortcuts for any application is always been nice for better execution. YouTube – the leading online video streaming site has relatively balanced keyboard shortcut. To use these shortcuts, you are needed to hover the mouse pointer over elements of a video player. Condition like this breaks principle of keeping keyboard shortcuts, forcing people to install such application that permits to use keyboard shortcuts effectively at any juncture on YouTube interface.

Application known ‘TubeStop’ is developed to fix the conditional issue of using keyboard shortcuts on YouTube. TubeStop is an extension that functions well on Chrome browser. It adds keyboard shortcuts to YouTube, which you are looking for. Once you install the TubeStop extension on Chrome, using below link, you need to enable this application. To turn TubeStop on, just click on existing TubeStop icon in Chrome address bar then after select desired options from the context menu.

When you press space-bar on any YouTube page, streaming YouTube videos will be turned in pausing condition. Adjusting volume of streaming YouTube videos could be done easily with pressing Ctrl + Page Up / Down Key. You can jump to previous or next playlist videos only pressing Ctrl + Left / Right arrow key. More importantly, TubeStop supports to play every YouTube video of the highest quality. Undoubtedly, it breaks conditional clause to use keyboard shortcut only in a certain element of media player.

Download TubeStop (Chrome Extension)

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