How to Turn on or Off Startup Boost in Microsoft Edge

Speed up Microsoft Edge web browser launch by using Startup Boost.

Microsoft Edge Startup Boost

Startup boost as the name indicates improves the speed of the startup. This enables the Microsoft edge to be available immediately after launching it.  A set of processes runs in the background and helps Microsoft to start faster when opened from the taskbar, desktop, and hyperlinks in other applications. You can find whether the startup boost is turned on or not via edge://settings/system. This startup boost feature is available on all the windows versions available.

The updated version speeds up the browser execution process due to the Edge process running in the background. The browser components get loaded once the user will sign in to the user account.

Turn on or Off Startup Boost in Microsoft Edge

Here is how to Turn on or Off Startup Boost in Microsoft Edge –

  1. Launch the browser.
  2. Type in – edge://settings/system in the address bar.
  3. Hit – Enter.
  4. On the right-hand side, you will find Startup boost option.
  5. Switch the toggle button on or off.
How to Turn on or Off Startup Boost in Microsoft Edge

The user will come to know that startup boost is turned on by a notification. The queries regarding the Microsoft edge can be resolved by referring to the FAQs.

Download Microsoft Edge from the below links –

Stable version

Chromium version that includes Beta, Dev, Canary.

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