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13 Ways to Open Disk Management in Windows 10

Ways to Open Disk Management in Windows 10 Disk Management is an inbuilt extension of Microsoft that let you manage the installed disk-based hardware. Mostly, it is used to partition the recognized drives of your operating system as well as format them. Apart from that, the utility helps to allot drive letters of internal and external disk drives as well. Using the same […]

9 Ways to Open Registry Editor in Windows 10

Ways to open Registry Editor in Windows 10 Image 6 After publishing all possible methods to open Command Prompt, we have received a lot of requests for making a similar content for Registry Editor. Regedit is pretty much required for the OS and that’s the reason the Microsoft incorporates it in all version of Windows. The main purpose of this utility is to let you […]

How to Enable/Disable Remote Desktop Configuration Service Windows 10

Enable Remote Desktop Configuration Service Remote Desktop Configuration aka SessionEnv comes pre-installed Win32 service in Windows 10. This controls all Remote Desktop services moreover related configurations that require system context such as per-session temporary folders, RD themes, and RD certificates. In short, “SessionEnv” is accountable for session maintenance activities of entire RDS. By default, the startup type of RDCS is […]

Fix: “DPC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT” BSOD Error in Windows 10

DPC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT Methods here will guide you to fix DPC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT error in Windows 10. From the origin, it is a BSOD error and nowadays pretty common with the users. As the name is a self-explanatory one, with an effect you can get abnormal blue flashing on screen. Hanging of Desktop might be common as well. But the […]


How to Fix DRIVER_OVERRAN_STACK_BUFFER BSOD Windows 10 Pic 1 Workarounds here will help you to fix DRIVER_OVERRAN_STACK_BUFFER error in Windows 10 in easy way. Just like other BSOD, this one is an annoying issue. The error results in freezing desktop, frequent blue screen along with auto-reboot of the device. Bug check value of 0x000000F7 accompanies this problem which indicates that a driver has overrun […]


POOL_CORRUPTION_IN_FILE_AREA Error BSOD Windows 10 Pic 1 Solutions in this article will instruct you to fix POOL_CORRUPTION_IN_FILE_AREA Error in Windows 10. The issue usually occurs at the time of running a new program or ending it. Windows go for automatic restarting quite often which make things very much tough for you. It holds a bug check value of 0x000000DE which signifies that […]