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Fix CRYPTO_LIBRARY_INTERNAL_ERROR BSOD Windows 10 image 1 A nice shiny day can be dark and gloomy just after discovering the fact that you are affected with CRYPTO_LIBRARY_INTERNAL_ERROR. This actually indicates there is something abnormal happened in the Crypto library. In general sense, we can term it as Blue Screen Of Death error alternatively treated as Stop errors. As for identification purpose, the […]

How to Uninstall Chromium Microsoft Edge Browser

How to Uninstall Chromium Microsoft Edge Browser image 2 In this article, we will be showing some handy ways to Uninstall Chromium Microsoft Edge Insider Preview from the devices. Microsoft has recently rolled out the Canary and Dev version of the browser along with Insider community. Some people were a little disappointed with this web browser and want to completely remove the same. This […]


WFP_INVALID_OPERATION BSOD Error in Windows 10 Image 1 Stop errors alternatively known as Blue Screen (BSOD) issues like WFP_INVALID_OPERATION can rise up vigorously dangerous in Windows 10. Microsoft identified this notorious issue with evaluating code and hence, it has a big check value of 0x000001D3. Literally, the issue indicates an incorrect functionality performed by Windows Filtering platform callout. The frustrating fact is that […]

Fix: NO_SUCH_PARTITION BSOD Error in Windows 10

NO_SUCH_PARTITION image 1 Today, we are going to have an elaborated discussion about NO_SUCH_PARTITION Error in Windows 10. This is indeed a BSOD error and like no exception, it has a bug check value of 0x00000043. Being known as Stop errors alternatively, they can cause series of damages in the system and carries long term effects. Primarily the […]


VIDEO_MINIPORT_FAILED_LIVEDUMP image 1 VIDEO_MINIPORT_FAILED_LIVEDUMP is a BSOD error in Windows 10 found to cause series of problems in the system. The issue has a bug check value of 0x000001B0. Basically, stop errors like this is a result of outdated device drivers and faulty system files. But the causes are not confined to these two. Infection from malware deleting […]

Fix: WIN32K_SECURITY_FAILURE BSOD Error in Windows 10

Halt the System from Restarting by itself image 3 Suppose you are working on your most favorite OS Windows 10 and suddenly it restarts with WIN32K_SECURITY_FAILURE bug check 0x00000197 on your device. To belittle definite, it is a BSOD error in the system that can cause long term damage to the computer. Usually, it represents the failure of security failure observed in win32k. As […]


TTM_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT Windows 10 image 1 TTM_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT Blue Screen Windows 10 having bug check value 0x000001A0 is an annoying issue. This BSOD issue points out the detection of terminal topology manager because of a few configured timeouts for machines performing specific operations which are not complete. Stop error causes lots of issues in the User PC and has long term effects […]

How to Change Removal Policy for External Drives in Windows 10

How to Change Removal Policy for External Drives in Windows 10 image 3 Windows follows two prime strategies namely Quick Removal Policy and Better Performance for external drives. With these two, it actually controls the interaction of system with media devices attached to ports such as Thunderbolt enabled drives and USB. Previous Windows editions used to follow Better performance whereas, Starting with Windows 10 version 1809, built in […]