Use GASP to Stop WordPress Spam Comments

Comments are reflections of WordPress contents. If WordPress contents have better quality and fulfill curiosity of readers, it earns positive response. On contrary negative response comes in same location. In between two Spam comments regularly appears in WordPress domain. It looks like general comments but it is suspicious in nature and developed for earning own profit. Therefore, whenever Spam comments appear in WordPress environment, webmaster have no option than remove it. Reason to keep away Spam comments from WordPress, webmasters try every possible things. The particular article would be more helpful in this way ‘to Instantly Stop WordPress Spam Comments

To stop spam comment is a great concern for bloggers. Mass number of spam comments snatch rest of website owner and he spent more time on deleting these comments than SEO and other part.

Stopping WordPress Spam Comments could be automated act, if you follow (GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin) GASP services. However, current WordPress plugin in with combination of ‘Akismet’ do marvelous things to drastically reduce Spam Comments from moderation queue. Let me clear GASP is not substitute of wonderful ‘Akismet’ spam blocking plugins. In fact GASP works smoothly with Akismet plugin to remove chunk of spam comments. Here questions float, how does GASP works with Akismet plugin on your website and how does GASP integrated with Websites as well?

It is seen comments blocked by Akismet lost forever after a while. In such way sometimes valuable comments lost in the process. But GASP becomes effective to prevents spam comments to reach-out  Akismet plugin. By this way some valuable comments lay to review and moderate into spam queue. Another issue how GASP integrates in Website design to be discussed now. Once you installed ‘GASP’ plugin, it leaves Check-box alongside post comment button. Whenever commentator has to put comment, need to click on check box. Such action confirm persons putting Comments are not spammer. If someone does not tick GASP check box, comments could not be passed through this juncture.

If you are looking to use Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin (GASP) need to download latest version. GASP could be downloaded easily through following web link: –

Download Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin (GASP)

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