How to use Outlook Web App Offline Step by Step

It was long pending demand of people to develop an application, which offered offline Emailing service. Both Google and Microsoft took cognizance and developed such applications to work in offline condition. At the same forum we have discussed Offline Gmail application much earlier. Right now, I am going to discuss issue of ‘how to use Outlook Web App Offline’.

As is Microsoft’s new mailing application at stake. It offers nice user interface as well as capability to work in Offline mode. Whether you are disconnected and it is essential to check mail or send mails, condition like this is hard to resolve. It could only be sorted out after switching to Offline Mail of Anyone looking to use Outlook Web App Offline application would have to take following steps.

  • Install Office 365 Preview application on your Windows 8 devices. Then after tap on Outlook Web application.
  • Now click on Setting Icon, adjacent to your accounts Name, and choose ‘Use Mail Offline‘.
  • Then web application asks about permission to proceed further.
  • As soon as permission granted, your email will be stored on computer to access in condition of non connectivity. Now application asks to add your favorite. Adds up your favorite application and give suitable name of it.

Above setting in offers activities like Composing & Replying Emails and Attaching multiple files even if there is no Internet connection at that time. Whenever internet connection restored, you will be able to see all sent mails in Offline mode is there for a glance.

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