Watch Movie Trailers, Review, Details using Flixster App on Windows 8 / 10

Flixster is an app that can be used to watch latest movie trailers, get reviews and all the details about any movie that you would like to see on Windows 8. The app is apt for movie buffs who are interested in every aspect of the movie ranging from starring actors to the critic comments on the same. Flixster app can also be used by general people who do not indulge much in the details. It comes free of cost, and there is no ad display thus reducing the cluttering in the app.

The interface is user-friendly and very instinctive. Based on modern tile interface the app is easy to handle and provides fluidity to the users since the information is presented in a well-organized manner. To install this app you simply have to download it from the google app store. When you launch the app the snapshot of the interface that you are directed to is shown below. A screenshot of this app is shown below:

            flixster app for windows 8

You can possess this app from the link given at the last of this article.

How to Use and Play with Flixster app

The start screen of the app presents you five variety of sections on the basis of the trend. You can see the options of Box Office, Theatres, DVD, My Movies and Store. Each section contains details about the movies and you simply can click on any of them to look into it. Also,you can swap through the main screen to reach them. Then click on any of the tabs to see a lots of movies that are stored in the section. Now if you wish to see the details of the movies in this section you just have to click on that particular movie and a new interface will be shown up (screenshot is shown above).

Here, you will be able to see the ratings, reviews and synopsis of the movie that you have selected. Apart from this the running time, genre, character and rotten tomato ratings are also present to give you an overall view of the movie. At the left bottom corner there are options for the trailers and ShowTime. Similar to the main screen you can swap also to see the above in a tile form. This is a good way to find out if the movie that you are about to watch is good or not. You can watch the trailer by clicking on the Play Trailer option or simply by clicking on the movie icon. Thus all the feature of a movie app are well integrated to give user the information they want to have in an easy format.

Key Features of Flixster App:

  1. Easy interface and navigation through the screens.
  2. Direct trailer within the app.
  3. Freely Available.
  4. Rating sections from both Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes.
  5. ShowTime schedule at nearby theatres.
  6. Full length movie streaming in Ultraviolet section.
  7. You can create your Own Want to See list.
  8. In this app minor bugs are fixed stability is Improved.


Flixster is a full-fledged movie app that serves the purpose of providing all the relevant information about the movies to its users not only in an extensive but a compact way. If you love to watch movies and you find stuff about movies interesting then it’s a must app for you.

Downloading Link: Flixster App

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