What Windows 9 Latest Leaked Videos and Screenshots Hint

Microsoft is going to release preview version of Windows 9 on Sept 30 as some authoritative websites expect. A German site Winfuture has uploaded few Leaked videos of Windows 9 on YouTube and screenshots on its webpage. These videos and screenshots hint about some notable changing and advancements in the latest upcoming version. It is well known that Windows could not appease people expectations and many Windows followers are still using the lower version of window. In these circumstances, Windows 9 is a subject of curiosity for them.

People beside me who are desperately waiting for Windows 9 will sense great enhancements as sources and leaked videos hint. What would be these enhancements:

Start Menu is coming back with gain of App Store Items

According to the leak videos and screenshots Start Menu is coming back with more features. App store items will be associated with the start menu. So you can personalize your start screen from start menu. Charms search and charms bar will vanish.

As you used to search, open items on your Windows 7 PC from start menu you will do it again, but since start screen items will be present on this menu you would be able to do more things. What you can do are:

Role of Start Menu on Windows 9

  1. Search and open files, folders, and programs.
  2. Sign in and sign out from your Windows 9 PC.
  3. Change Account picture.
  4. Lock your PC.
  5. Sleep, Shutdown and Restart PC.
  6. Open an App.
  7. Uninstall an app from PC.
  8. Pin apps to start screen.
  9. Pin apps to Taskbar.
  10. Unpin apps from taskbar and start screen.
  11. Resize apps to small, medium and wide.
  12. Change places of apps and arrange.
  13. Open start screen.

The Windows users who were feeling lack of start menu on Windows 8, they will welcome it on Windows 9 as it is coming back with extra features and start screen items.

 Multi Desktop will be Ready to Run on Windows 9

On Windows 9 Add to desktop icon will be pinned onto desktop to create workspace in task view. All the programs will be ready to be launched on taskbar and desktop as well.When you will move your cursor to the pinned icon on taskbar the workspace will prompt on taskbar. Clicking on any of thumbnails leads to open the program. Empty area on taskbar will stay in side and you can add more workspace by clicking on Add button. This is the first time in history when multi desktop and virtual desktop will run on Windows operating system.

  1. Taskbar contains Add to Desktop icon pinned by default next to multitask button.
  2. Clicking Add to Desktop will create workspace on taskbar.
  3. All programs running in workspace will be on desktop in respective work area and you can switch on to another by clicking on anyone.
  4. When you move cursor to taskbar added workspace will pop up and you will be able to run anyone.

New Notification System on Windows 9 will Ease your Operation

Upcoming Windows 9 comprises new notification system as Microsoft is expanding the functionalities of Windows 9 and going to present a new notification system after virtual desktop and start menu. Notification would be on a toast pop up in the lower right corner beside the balloon which was available earlier in Windows 8. This toast contains messages coming from changing in different programs, Skype, File Explorer, Ejecting USB drive. You could cut the notification by clicking on the cross mark next to each message.

Notification System Features:

  1. All notification will be on Toast shaped pop up in the lower right part of PC.
  2. Skype and program changing notifications will be available on this pop up.
  3. The pop up will be scrollable.
  4. Notifications from apps and Windows store will also be displayed on this pop up.
  5. This notification system is like Windows Phone containing smooth and attractive user interface nestled next to system tray.

Cortana Conjugates Windows 9

The Leak indicates Cortana or Personal Assistant will ally windows 9 as it was in Windows Phone. Cortana will Remind you on different occasions when you set it.

WiFi Sense and Sense Storage

Microsoft has planned to avail WiFi Sense and Sense Storage in Windows 9. These were also working on Windows Phone. These apps have multiple features like automatic logging in when connected with hotspot. Sense Storage tells which app needs more memory and you can easily send your storage data to hard drive with its help.

These are the indications given by the latest leak of Windows 9 technical preview 9834. These videos and screenshots also say that Windows 9 will have a new design. These are only hints of the videos and screenshots but with what else features windows 9 comes with we will have to wait until 30 September.

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