Windows 10 – Answers of the Questions you can’t Ignore

You are already familiar with the Windows 8/8.1 operating system. It attracts the users mostly due to its imaging features. In the midway, Windows 10 has been launched by the Microsoft. Windows 10 has really fantastic features. There might be few burning questions that arise in your mind about Windows 10. So we are trying here to elaborate the answers according to questions one by one.

Windows 10 - Answers of the Questions you can't Ignore

1. When can you upgrade? And how much will it cost?

Microsoft is likely to release the new Operating System in 2015 after the company’s build developer conference which will be held in April. For the Windows technical preview, you need to coalesce in the Windows Insider Program on or after October 1 if you are feeling excited to get it in your hands on the early preview build. After the launch of Windows 10, you can upgrade your Windows. The cost of this version is yet to be determined.


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2. Why Windows 10 instead of Windows 9?

Microsoft wants to take a break after the release of Windows 8 or 8.1 because they want to provide us the latest version as a fundamental change to how Windows works and the company is skipping a version number to show it. Some were predicted that Microsoft had named it “Windows 15” or “Windows 1”.

3. How will it work on a desktop and a tablet?

Actually, Windows 10 is not only for the PC users despite it works on smartphones as well. The operating system will run on everything from desktops all the way down and the user interface on the devices would adjust accordingly.

4. What about apps in Windows 10?

Apps will be coming along with the Windows 10 to drive them. Although, Microsoft has not described that how it is going to work. You will be able to buy one app from the Windows Store and expect to run on all your devices. Developers would probably need to make prevalent apps that adjust their look and feel accordingly the size and capabilities of your device.

5. Troubled by Full Screen Modern Apps. What says future

Full-screen apps were alternately known as “Metro” or “Modern” design in Windows 8. But this is not so far in the Windows 10 because it would be on the cost of opportunity only.

For example, If you are using a convertible 2-in-1 device like Surface Pro 3 when the keyboard is locked you will see the standard desktop with Windows 10 Start Menu. Once the device gets off of the keyboard base then Operating System would permit you to switch to the finger-friendly full-screen mode Windows 8 users are likely familiar with.

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6. Are the Modern apps which I have bought still around?

It all depends on the Windows 8 developers, how they react to the changes. But Microsoft has shown some of its own full-screen Modern apps operating in a Window mode.

7. What could you say about the Start Menu?

In Windows 8, you have ever seen the full-screen Start Screen on your desktop. If you get irritated with them, luckily you are provided the old fashioned Start Menu with a tremendous change seen in the previous version of windows by Microsoft. It gives you the shortcuts to find any of the programs. The new Start Menu would associate with Live Tiles which can be customized.

8. New things to be introduced on Windows 10

Windows 10 forces up Snap, the functions that let you quickly programs arrange side by side with a new section layout. There is also support for the multiple desktops, so you can keep all your work apps in one place and quickly side back to the desktop. There is also the task view button that lives on the taskbar. Click it to get you a quick look at all of your open files, windows and desktops.

9. Will Windows 10 run on my machine?

Of course, it will run on any machine like tablets, smartphones, and ebbed products. As you know that Windows 8.1 had introduced 64-bit computing requirements which ruled out some old processors. Although, it plays well with PC that was not so old. It is sufficient to say that if you want to work on the new device now or till the release between next year, then you can go with it while you are liking to take risks. You can check out the Windows Insider Program for any quick response.

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