Windows 10 Build 18965 [20H1] Changelog

Windows 10 Build 18965 20H1 comes out to the Insiders in the Fast ring bringing an abundance of features fixes, changes, and improvements. This update in the Release Preview grants you the ability to control over restarting apps at sign-in. With this build, the developers’ team has also enhanced the Feedback Search UI updates by which now you can easily differentiate between Problems and Suggestions. Addition to the features, Microsoft also comprises some accessibility improvements like – Language Settings, taskbar, and more.

Being into the Fast ring, you’re able to straight away get Build 18965 20H1 via Windows Update. For this, just open the Windows Settings app and navigate to the Update & Security category. Finally, click on the ‘Check for updates‘ button and let download the update on your device.

Windows 10 Build 18965 [20H1] Features, Improvements, Fixes details

Here is the Windows 10 Build 18965 changelog –

Control over restarting apps at sign-in

This build introduces a new setting for controlling app restarts which now makes it possible to enable this specific feature at sign-in. By default, this feature is disabled but you are able to access this by following the way – Settings => Accounts => Sign-in options => Restart apps.

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Other updates for Insiders

Feedback Hub updates

The tech giant also incorporates updates to the Feedback Hub including Feedback Search UI improvements.

Feedback Search UI updates

It explicitly differentiates between Problems and Suggestions and it uses updated iconography and displays for adding similar feedback to problems. Besides, there is also a significant new Add similar feedback feature.

Windows Insiders Achievements

Moreover, the company reveals a refresh of the Windows Insider Achievements page. Microsoft team prepare to enforce more discoverable by moving them from your profile page to their own landing page.

Windows 10 Build 18965 changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

  • Microsoft resolves an issue which appears on the screen. It generally happens while updating Windows surprisingly saying “managed by your organization” for some Insiders.
  • They fixed another issue which appears on the taskbar. This issue used to arrive there accidentally while launching the touch keyboard.
  • With this build, you will not experience the correction issue in Language Settings. This issue used to appear while using High Contrast White.
  • In any application, you will not experience the working issue in the background tasks.
  • Microsoft specialist settled an issue where if you set focus to the notification area of the taskbar via WIN+B, then opened a flyout and pressed Esc to close it, then the focus rectangle would no longer show up correctly anymore.
  • The company has fixed the issue related to the Bluetooth & Other Settings page. This issue was related to the sound problem when using a screen reader.
  • Tech giant resolved an issue resulting in help links not being accessible when adding a new wireless display device on the Bluetooth & Other Settings page if the text scaling was set to 200%.

Known Issues Windows 10 Build 18965

  • With this build, you may encounter a new Cloud download option in Windows Settings. To access this feature, navigate to the following path – Settings=> Update & Security=> Recovery=> Reset this PC. Still, this feature is not in function.
  • There was a crucial concern of the anti-cheat program uses with games. Although, when you update to the latest build, you may confront some crashes experience in the PC. With the associate’s partners, the company is working on to receive their software updated with a relevant fix. Most of the games have released patches to hinder PCs from encountering this issue. To mitigate the potentiality of running into this issue, ensure that your device is working on the most recent version of your games before trying to update the OS. The company is also working on with anti-cheat and game developers to fix these types of troubling issues. This will work to decrease the possibility of these issues in the forthcoming days.
  • With this release, a few Realtek SD card readers will not operate well. However, the company is investigating the issue.
  • Windows 10 team also consider the title bar buttons which are not working for a few specific apps. If you’re using an affected app, press Alt+F4 to close it if needed.
  • With this build, some WSL distros will not load. For more information, click here Issue #4371.
  • We’re investigating reports that DWM is using surprisingly high system resources for some Insiders.
  • This build affects some Insiders which started on the previous flight. It involves a lsass.exe crash which eventually shows up a message, “Windows ran into a problem and needs to restart”. The team is working on a fix and appreciate your patience.

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