Windows 10 Build 19041.173 20H1 Rolled out to Slow Ring as KB4552455

Changelog of Windows 10 Build 19041.173 rolled out to Slow Ring as KB4552455.

Windows 10 Build 19041.173 Rolled out to Slow Ring as KB4552455

Slow Ring Insiders have received Windows 10 Build 19041.173 as a part of 20H1. This update as KB4552455 doesn’t include any features but definitely includes some fixes. Starting with Your Phone app mute button, the built addresses several other issues as well.

However, similar to other releases, this will also fetch the prolonged problem of Narrator and NVDA. With very few things to consider, this build is available for Slow Ring users. Just explore the below section to know more about the fixes and issues of this update.

Windows 10 Build 19041.173 Changelog

Here is the list of fixes that Windows 10 Build 19041.173 offers to the Slow Ring –

  1. This release gets a solution to the problem that stops the “Win logo key + J” combination of hotkey from providing focus to certain Windows tips.
  2. Older versions of a few applications are fixed. They fail to open by directing users to install the latest version of them.
  3. Microsoft fixes another problem that does not correctly allocate resources during device initialization. The issue was leading some USB mass storage devices to stop functioning.
  4. With the Your Phone app, the mute button will henceforth perform on devices.
  5. A fault that was responsible for the input-output memory management unit (aka IOMMU) and a DRIVER_VERIFIER_DMA_VIOLATION (e6) error is resolved. Basically the problem happens to appear after resuming from hibernate. This occurs on systems that have Kernel Direct Memory Access (DMA) Protection and Dynamic Root of Trust Measurement (viz DRTM) enabled.
  6. An update is out for Country and Operator Settings Asset (viz COSA). This will eventually develop the coverage for automatic cellular administering on devices with mobile broadband.

Known Issues

Similar to Fast Ring, here also, Narrator and NVDA users will face difficulties. With the latest Microsoft Edge Chromium version, they will encounter issues while navigating and reading some web content. Thankfully, all the three respective teams of Narrator, NVDA, and Edge are attentive about the problem. However, in this critical situation, users of legacy Microsoft Edge will not get affected.

That’s all!!!

Source – Windows Experience Blog

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