Windows 10 Build 21332.1000 rs_prerelease is available to Dev Channel

Dev Channel update Insider Windows 10 Build 21332.1000 rs_prerelease changes, bug fixes, and known issues.

Windows 10 Build 21332.1000

The active development branch of Windows Insider has received a new update with remarkable fixes and some changes. The News and Interest has been halted in this build for further development.

You can install Windows 10 Build 21332.1000 rs_prerelease through automatic Windows update.

Windows 10 Build 21332.1000 rs_prerelease

Here is the changelog –

The present build has halted the news and interests flyout experience for development purpose. In the upcoming update, you will experience content in 2 columns with the feed of headlines, money, weather, and other.

Changes in the update

  • Build 21318 preluded an option “paste as plain text” from clipboard history (WIN+V); 21332 is rolling out this feature to everyone in the Dev Channel.
  • Current rollout has once more enabled the Theme-aware splash screens for all participants of the Development Channel.
  • Windows 10 build 21332 rs_prerelease will no longer provide Paint 3D and 3D Viewer as pre-installed apps on clean installs. However, you can install them from the Store and receive through OS update. Therefore, if you normally upgraded your PC, you should not get them in your app list.
  • The build has removed Math Input Panel because of increasing low usage. However, you can still install the app from Settings => Apps => Apps & features by clicking Optional features. You will find the app named Math Recognizer which is powered with input control and math recognition engine. Furthermore, OneNote, Excel, and else will still be having math equation input.

Bug Fixes

  1. The professionals fixed Surface Pro X device’s problem of bugchecking when returning back from sleep.
  2. They fixed PC hangs when the Xbox controller was connected while rebooting, entering sleep, or shutting down.
  3. Also, they fixed the About page of Settings that was available.
  4. Windows 10 build 21332 rs_prerelease fixed OS Info link on the Windows Update Settings page that was not working.
  5. The rollout fixed some Settings search results that were unexpectedly missing.
  6. Experts there fixed the Power & Sleep settings page that would crash Settings for some Insiders.
  7. Furthermore, they fixed the status information that was not being shown under Settings => Update & Security => Windows Update when you were up to date.
  8. The experts also fixed Chinese text for the lunar calendar in the clock and calendar flyout that was not displaying properly.
  9. They fixed an issue where you could unexpectedly scroll the quick actions area even when this was collapsed.
  10. Windows 10 build 21332 rs_prerelease fixed a bug affecting GPU Compute support in the WSL. For more detail go to GitHub.
  11. The experts fixed clipboard history that might not update to show the latest entries.
  12. Fixed the touch keyboard was closed when launching an app however you would use the taskbar button to manually invoke it.
  13. The professionals fixed gifs unexpectedly being inserted as a single image in certain apps via the touch keyboard or emoji panel.
  14. Also, they fixed an issue where after inserting red heart emoji using OSK or emoji panel it unexpectedly appeared black nevertheless the app supporting colored emoji.
  15. The rollout settled the tips that would be unreadable because of having black text during the new dark mode for the Pinyin IME.
  16. The release fixed Narrator that wouldn’t read out when expanding or collapsing the displayed information in the candidate window when typing with certain TIMEs.
  17. Also, the new version of the Dev channel fixed certain TV tuners that were no longer working.
  18. The experts there fixed bug checking that occurred when renaming a file or folder on an SD card.
  19. They fixed random bug check that occurs when running Trend Micro software.
  20. Bitdefender encountered a black screen and/or explorer.exe crashes. You need to update the Bitdefender software as a resolution.

Windows 10 Build 21332.1000 Known issues

  1. A very old issue has made a place in this list – update process hanging for extended periods of time when attempting to install a new build.
  2. Until the rollout of this update Live previews for pinned websites weren’t enabled for every member. Therefore, you may notice a grey window when hovering over the thumbnail in the taskbar. The developers are continuing to work on polishing this experience.
  3. They are persevering to enable the new taskbar experience for existing pinned websites. As of now, you are able to eliminate it from the edge://apps page, and then re-pin the site.
  4. The developers are addressing news and interests that may not exist when logging into Windows without internet access but come back when online.
  5. Sometimes the flyout cannot be canceled through pen.
  6. [ARM64] Insider members running Surface Pro X with Qualcomm Adreno graphics driver preview may encounter less brightness of the display. Download and install to fix this issue.
  7. They are working on a fix for driver version of Realtek network adapters encountering intermittent loss of network connectivity.
  8. Next, they are looking into games only running at 60Hz on some high-refresh-rate monitors. Variable-refresh-rate monitor scenarios may also end up with tearing.
  9. In the current build, the network flyout on the login screen doesn’t appear. This will obviously prevent you from connecting to a new network before signing in. You can use Ethernet rather as a resolution.
  10. Finally, the experts are working on a fix to address a DWM memory leak that was encountered in the previous flight.

Source – Windows blog.

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