Windows 11 22000.1163 KB5018483 update added Task Manager to Taskbar Context menu

KB5018483 Windows 11 build 22000.1163 update improvements, changes, features bug fixes, and direct download links.

Windows 11 22000.1163 KB5018483

RP channel of Windows insider has obtained a cumulative update with a large number of bug fixes and 2 new improvements. KB5018483 is the release that change the version to Windows 11 Build 22000.1163. This version has added TaskManager to the context menu of the taskbar.

Furthermore, the build has improved the performance and results of Windows search. Full name of this release is 2022-10 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5018483) where x64 can be ARM64 when the system supports it. Now let’s see the

KB5018483 Windows 11 22000.1163 added Task Manager to Taskbar Right click menu

Here is the Changelog –

  1. This version brings new improvements to performance and results of Windows Search.
  2. KB5018483 CU added Task Manager to the context menu when you right-click the taskbar. This is a new feature and will be rolled out in the forthcoming weeks.
  3. The experts in the team fixed problems with Distributed Component Object Model (or DCOM) authentication hardening. They will automatically increase the authentication level for entire non-anonymous activation requests from DCOM clients to “RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_PKT_INTEGRITY”. This happens if the authentication level is lower than Packet Integrity.
  4. Windows 11  22000.1163 fixed a DCOM issue that affects the Remote Procedure Call Service (rpcss.exe). The new cumulative update in the RP channel will raise the authentication level to “RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_PKT_INTEGRITY” instead of “RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_CONNECT if RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_NONE” is pointed out.
  5. Experts in the team fixed problems with Microsoft Azure Active Directory aka AAD Application Proxy connector. It is unable to get back a Kerberos ticket on behalf of the user. The error message states – The handle specified is invalid (0x80090301).
  6. Furthermore, they fixed problems with scheduled Native Image Generator aka Ngen.exe tasks on devices that have certain processors.
  7. KB5018483 fixed problems with certificate mapping. When certificate mapping fails,  lsass.exe might stop working in schannel.dll.
  8. The LCU fixed an issue that causes a Windows 11 upgrade to stop responding, and then it fails.
  9. This also fixed a problem with the task you schedule to run every 2 weeks. Instead, it runs every week.
  10. Windows 11 22000.1163 RP channel fixed a problem with  Microsoft Direct3D 9 games. The graphics hardware stops working if it does not have a built-in Direct3D 9 driver.
  11. The rollout fixed an issue that affects the font of 3 Chinese characters. When you format these characters as bold, the width size is incorrect.
  12. The experts solved the graphical problems in games that use Microsoft D3D9 on some platforms.
  13. Furthermore, they fixed an issue that affects Edge browser when it is in IE Mode. The titles of pop-up windows and tabs are wrong.
  14. LCU KB5018483 fixed a problem Microsoft Edge IE mode. It prevents you from opening web pages. This happens when you enable WDAG aka Windows Defender Application Guard and you do not configure Network Isolation policies.
  15. They solved a problem with IME aka input method editors from third parties and Microsoft. They stop working when you close the IME window. This takes place if the IME uses Windows Text Services Framework 1.0 or TSF 1.0.
  16. RP channel Windows 11 22000.1163 fixed a problem with the lasso tool in a graphics editing program.
  17. Furthermore, the new version fixed an issue that affects a universal printer. You cannot re-install it after you detach it.
  18. Experts in the team fixed an issue that creates a duplicate print queue. As a result, the original print queue stops working.
  19. They solved a problem with some drivers. They use more power than expected when you play hardware-protected digital rights management (DRM) content.
  20. The team fixed a problem with driver installation on certain hardware. You are unable to view the display of the progress of the installation.
  21. KB5018483 fixed a problem that affects the Clipchamp app that is in the Windows 11 SE edition. Clipchamp application will not run.
  22. The rollout fixed a problem with .msi files. Windows Defender Application Control or WDAC will ignore them when you disable script enforcement.
  23. The new update fixed a problem with remote desktop virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) scenario. This session might use the incorrect time zone.
  24. Experts fixed a problem will File Explorer on a remote desktop (RD) session host. File Explorer stops working. This problem happens when a non-Windows client connects to a Windows 11 RD session host, and you turn on the Time Zone Redirection policy.
  25. They fixed a problem with the button style BS_PUSHLIKE. Buttons that have this style are arduous to identify against a dark background.
  26. Release Preview channel Windows 11 22000.1163 solved a problem that stops the credentials UI from showing in IE mode when you use Microsoft Edge.
  27. Finally, the version fixed an issue that affects the Server Manager. It might reset the erroneous disk when several disks have the same UniqueId.

Windows 11 22000.1163 KB5018483 Download links

  5. x64.psf
  6. arm64.psf

Source – Windows blog.

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