Windows 11 Build 22463.1000 is out with fix for alignment issues

Rs_prerelease update Windows 11 Build 22463.1000 changelog having improvements, bug fixes and known issues, and download link.

Windows 11 Build 22463.1000

Dev channel of Windows 11 insider is receiving a  new update that incorporates a considerable number of bug fixes. The public release of Windows 11 is going to be held on 05 October. In the meantime, Microsoft is testing the features and functionalities for the upcoming builds of Windows 11. So, Windows 11 Build 22463.1000 has reached the insiders and we are here with the changelog and every possible information about this update.

You must remember that these features are absolutely for testing purpose and Active Development Branch is handing over to the Dev channel. The changes may not be included in the final release of Windows 11.

Windows 11 Build 22463.1000 Changes, fixes, and improvements

Here is the changelog –


  1. This rollout fixed misaligned and/or cut-off Taskbar icons.
  2. Computers that are Mobile Device Managed will not obtain this update because of a problem.
  3. Microsoft PowerToys can now be downloaded from Microsoft Store in Windows 11 starting from this build!

Changes and Improvements

  1. Keyboard shortcut CTRL allows copying the path to the clipboard when you have a file or folder selected in File Explorer.
  2. On Windows 11 Build 22463.1000 Rs_prerelease Identify displays pop-ups in the Display Settings will now have rounded corners.
  3. The 22463.1000 rollout made some small changes to the contrast theme colors including making the hyperlink a little more distinct on hover when using the desert theme.
  4. The experts in the team added an icon next to volume control in the Quick Settings pane in order to help make the option for managing the audio-endpoints more discoverable.
  5. Windows Ease of Access folder is replaced with Accessibility in Start menu All apps list.
  6. The rollout added an option to Focus Assist settings that lets you select whether or not you would want to Focus Assist to be automatically enabled for the first hour after installing a Windows feature update.

Bug Fixes


  1. On, Rs_Prerelease Windows 11 Build 22463.1000, System shows up again as an option when right-clicking on the Start button (WIN + X).
  2. The experts fixed the Narrator that is unable to focus on the headers in Start sometimes with touch.
  3. Furthermore, they mitigated an issue where when a large number of apps were installed, the Start menu might get stuck with no app icons showing (only app name) after a DPI change. This modification is also supposed to make Start launch reliability better on secondary monitors in mixed DPI scenarios.
  4. In the Rs_Prerelease build, the choice Always show scrollbars located in the accessibility category is enabled, switching to the All apps list will no longer cause the scrollbar to escape the window boundaries at the time of the transition animation.
  5. When you hit the down arrow after launching Start then it will now go into the pinned apps section rather than jumping to your username.


  1. In the previous build, Taskbar icons were not properly aligned and centered apps got cut off by the show hidden icons when too many apps were open. Now it is fixed.
  2. Additionally, the Taskbar preview text will follow the Accessibility settings from now onwards to increase the text size.
  3. The rollout adjusted the notification count badge for notification center to fix some of the numbers that were not centered in the circle.
  4. Settled Chat flyout that wouldn’t light dismiss the first time it was opened.
  5. The Dev channel release made the Windows Explorer reliability better when the Taskbar spanned multiple monitors.


  1. In this rollout, Opening Search on secondary monitors works.

File Explorer

  1. The experts mitigated File Explorer hanging that occurred during a search.
  2. In, Windows 11 Build 22463.1000, pressing F1 in File Explorer will prompt a search for Windows 11 help and not Windows 10.
  3. In the rollout, items under Group, Sort by, and View by submenus in the context menu were not showing a mark to indicate that they were selected. It is fixed now.


  1. The professional there in the insider team fixed mouse pointer position in WDAG that was being incorrect when the monitor was in portrait mode.
  2. Furthermore, the Text predictions (both for physical and the touch keyboard) should be working for English and certain other languages where it was broken.
  3. During typing quickly in certain apps, the Shift Key Up won’t be received by the app in the previous version of the Korean IME; the company addressed this issue.
  4. Fixed an issue that was making the touch keyboard key borders look blurry in certain cases.
  5. Windows 11 Build 22463.1000 mitigated touch keyboard would crash problem that occurred in certain cases when switching dock mode while the voice typing UI was visible.


  1. The dev channel deliverance removed duplicate Nearby Sharing entry in Focus Assist priority list.
  2. Fixed frequent prompt to reset to default settings that was appearing when Automatically optimize new drives was unchecked in Optimize Drives.
  3. On pressing the shortcut keys WIN+P, the current projection mode will have initial keyboard focus now onward instead of always the first in the list.


  1. Trying to switch Desktop (Win+D) when there is only one should no longer steal foreground focus.
  2. Windows 11 Build 22463.1000 addressed snap layouts flyout that would start flashing when invoked in certain places on the screen.
  3. Move To option that appears when right clicking a thumbnail in Task View is aligned with the other context menu entries.

Windows Sandbox

  1. Windows Sandbox functionality should now launch in this build.

Windows Subsystem for Linx (WSL) & Hyper-V

  1. Hyper-V and WSL2 not working on ARM64 PCs, for example, Surface Pro X is fixed.


  1. Fixed DRIVER_PNP_WATCHDOG error that occurred when trying to update to a recent build.
  2. Also, fixed WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR that occurred with bug check on Surface Pro X devices.
  3. The update fixed Autorun registry entry for cmd that would work if /k was entered.
  4. The insider team tried to address unable parse a certain firewall rule that would result in all rules following that one not being migrated on upgrade.
  5. Additionally, the company addressed Quick Assist window that could be small and not possible to resize.
  6. Rs_Prerelease update fixed an issue for some users where if the sign in button in Quick Assist was clicked, it would open a blank browser window and they won’t be able to proceed to sign in.
  7. The rollout mitigated certain menus/context menus that were causing a visual glitch with the shadow on the first launch.
  8. Also, the release Mitigated a race condition that was causing certain PCs to sometimes bugcheck with INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR when resuming from hibernation.
  9. The new version fixed before the boot screen when upgrading to 224xx builds, computers were unable to progress with SSDs attached.

Windows 11 Build 22463 Known issues


  1. Mobile Device Managed supporting computers will not get this build.
  2. You may encounter an error message – The build you are trying to install is Flight Signed. To continue installing, enable flight signing when updating from Builds, or earlier, to newer builds using ISO. In order to install, enable flight signing. If you get this error, press the Enable, restart the PC, and retry the update.


  1. In some cases, you might fail to enter text in Search opened from Start or the Taskbar. If you encounter the issue open Run dialog using Win+R and close it.


  1. In the current build, when switching input methods, the Taskbar will sometimes flicker.


  1. Using a click on Search icon from the Taskbar may not open the Search panel. If you find this issue simply restart explorer.exe.
  2. In Windows 11 Build 22463.1000, search panel might be black and not show any content underneath the search box.

File Explorer

  1. When right-clicking files in the OneDrive folder, the context menu will unexpectedly dismiss during taking cursor over entries that open sub-menus, for instance, Open with.
  2. Double-clicking a network folder to launch it will pin it to Quick Access instead of launching it. Until the issue is fixed, right-click the folder and choose Open from the context menu.


  1. The widgets board may appear blank. Signing out and signing in back will be the workaround.
  2. On external monitors, the Widgets may be shown in the incorrect size. In the condition, you confront this, launch the widgets through either  Win+W or touch on the actual PC display first and then on the secondary monitors.

Microsoft Store

  1. The redmondians are working to improve search relevance in the Store.

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store now homes Microsoft PowerToys is now in Windows 11! If you are fond of maximizing your productivity simply install the tool from store.

Microsoft PowerToys

Microsoft PowerToys Download link

Keep in mind that Store now accepts Win32 applications as well as open-source projects. If you are looking for, then sign up for the waitlist and know details about the new Store

Download Windows 11 Build 22463.1000 (when available)

Source – Windows insider blog.

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