Windows 11 Build 22621.898 KB5020044 Update changes Spotlight location

New Release Preview Channel update KB5020044 Windows 11 Build 22621.898 changes, bug fixes, and direct download links.

Windows 11 Build 22621.898 KB5020044

An update hits the RP channel of Windows 11 insider having 4 new changes and a lot of improvements. These are – shifting of Windows Spotlight location to Theme settings, OneDrive subscribers storage alerts, organizational messages, and more. KB5020044 is the cumulative update that increases the version of OS to  Windows 11 Build 22621.898.

Full name of this release is “2022-11 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based system (KB5020044)” where x64 is variable and it can also be ARM64 too. Let’s see what is new in this build.

KB5020044 Windows 11 Build 22621.898 changes, improvements, and bug fixes

Here is the changelog –

Change and bug fixes

  1. This is a new change; OneDrive will show subscribers storage alerts on the System settings. This will appear when you are nearby your storage limit. You will have opportunity to manage and purchase additional storage if needed.
  2. The experts displayed the full amount of storage capacity from all your OneDrive subscriptions. This also shows the overall storage on the Accounts Settings. (New)
  3. Personalization Settings mixed Windows Spotlight with Themes. This simplifies finding and turning on the Windows Spotlight feature. (New)
  4. KB5020044 LCU added the organizational messages feature. After receiving this build, third-party companies can now give content to their employees. They will not be bound to use the default behavior of Windows. (New)
  5. Windows 11 Build 22621.898 fixed problems with some modern applications. It prevents them from opening.
  6. The RP Channel rollout fixed problems with some devices that are managed by an enterprise. The team has improved the reliability of app installations for them.
  7. The rollout fixed the problem that occurs with daylight saving time or DST in the Republic of Fiji. It canceled DST for 2022.
  8. The RP channel build fixed a problem with Distributed Component Object Model means DCOM authentication hardening. KB5020044 will automatically increase the authentication level for all non-anonymous activation requests from DCOM clients to “RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_PKT_INTEGRITY”. This takes place because of the authentication level that is below Packet Integrity.
  9. Furthermore, the rollout fixed a problem with Unified Update Platform or UUP on-premises customers. This eliminated the block that prevent them from receiving offline language packs.
  10. The LCU release fixed a problem with process creation. This failed to create security audits for it and other related audit events.
  11. Furthermore, the experts fixed a problem with cluster name objects (CNO) or virtual computer objects (VCO) Password reset failed. The error message was, There was an error resetting the AD password… // 0x80070005.
  12. They fixed a problem with transparency in layered windows. This issue occurred when you were in High Definition remote applications integrated locally (RAIL) mode.
  13. The RP channel rollout fixed an issue that affected certain applications. They stopped working. This occurred when you used keyboard shortcuts to modify the input mode for the Japanese IME.
  14. The cumulative update for release preview channel fixed a problem with microphone streams that used the Listen To feature to route to the speaker endpoint. The microphone not working occurs after you rebooted the device.
  15. Experts in the team solved an issue that might have affected applications that run on the Windows Lock Down Policy (WLDP). They might have stopped working.
  16. They fixed a problem with Microsoft Defender when it is not the primary antivirus. This feature failed to turn off passive mode. This problem occurred when you disabled Smart App Control (SAC).
  17. KB5020044 CU added .wcx extension to the list of Dangerous Extensions that some app control policies do not allow.
  18. Also, the release solved a problem that occurred with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Automated investigation blocked live response investigations.
  19. The new version solved an issue that affected printing in landscape mode in Microsoft Edge. The print output was incorrect. This problem happened when using Microsoft Defender Application Guard.
  20. They fixed an issue that caused File Explorer to stop working. This occurred when you closed context menus and menu items.
  21. Windows 11 Build 22621.898 RP Channel solved a problem that might have caused certain apps to stop responding. This occurred when launching the Open File dialog.
  22. The new version solved File Explorer consuming high CPU usage when you opened a file.
  23. The Release Preview build solved an issue that affected the protocol activation of the Settings app. The application failed to launch a page from the Accounts category.
  24. KB5020044 fixed a problem that occur with the computer account. The use of non-standard characters stopped the cleanup of the Out of Box Experience or OOBE accounts.
  25. Finally, they fixed a problem that affected the CopyFile. The process might have sometimes returned “error 317: ERROR_MR_MID_NOT_FOUND”.

Windows 11 Build 22621.898 KB5020044 Direct download links –

  2. x64.psf

Source – Windows blog.

And Release note.

Microsoft update catalog download link

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