Windows 11 Moment 3 update KB5023011 Enablement Package KB5023595

KB5023011 and Enablement Package KB5023595 Windows 11 Moment 3 Update for Beta Channel changes, bug fixes, download links, and the ways to install.

Redmondians are working on Moment 3 update; in this course of action, they have already completed the development for Dev channel. They are now ready to deploy the package to Beta channel of Windows 11 insider. KB5023011 is the Cumulative update that will be rolled out to increase the next version to 22624.1391.  Windows 11 Moment 3 update enablement package is KB5023595.

Full name of the release will be ‘2022-02 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5023011)’. See Windows 11 Build 22000.1639 KB5022905 Update is out to RP Channel. Once the update is delivered we will modify the improvements and changes section further.

KB5023595 Enablement Package for KB5023011 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 build 22624.1390

Here is the changelog –

Improvements and changes

Changes in Voice Access

The design of in-app command help page is modified:

KB5023011 has fully renovated the in-app command help page in voice access to make it more straightforward to use and comprehend. After this change, the search bar allows you to find commands quickly and the various categories provide further guidance. Every command now has a definition that includes examples of its variations which simplifies understanding and using it.

To access the command help page, navigate to “Help => View all commands” on the voice access bar or speak the voice command “what can I say”.

Keep in mind that the redesigned in-app help page may not include all commands and the supplementary information may have mistakes. The company plans to update this in future builds. In case, you want to see a comprehensive list of Voice Access commands and additional information, navigate to to voice access to control your PC & author text with your voice – Microsoft Support.

This improvement brings Voice access in English dialects, for example, English -UK, English – India, English – New Zealand, English – Canada, English – Australia.

When you first time enable voice access you will be shown a popup to download a speech model to turn on on-device recognition of voice data. Suppose, voice access does not locate a speech model corresponding to your display language, you can still choose to move ahead to use voice access in English – US.
You are always free to switch to a different language by guiding to Settings => Language on the voice access bar.


KB5023011 Windows 11 build 22624.1391 rolled out New text selection and editing commands. Here are some more useful ones to make text selection and editing more comfortable with voice access –

Voice command Action
Select from [text 1] to [text 2], for example., “Select from have to voice access” Select a range of text in the text box
Delete all Delete entire text in a text box
Bold that, Underline that, Italicize that Implement bold/underline/italicize formatting on the selected text or last dictated text
no space that Wipe out all whitespaces from selected text or last dictated text

For instance, you dictated Peyton Davis in the last utterance and you want to remove all spaces to get output as

Caps [text], for example, Caps hello world Insert text at the cursor and capitalize first letter of each word.

For instance, you want to insert Hello World at the text cursor

No space [text] for example, No space Davis Inserts text at the cursor without any whitespace before text.

For instance, the text Peyton is entered in the text box and now you want to insert Davis but do not want a space to be added before Davis. (Output: PeytonDavis)

Windows 11 build 22624.1391 & 22621.1391 bug fixes

  • KB5023011 LCU improves the reliability of Windows after you install an update.
  • The rollout fixed a problem with the previous Beta Channel update which was causing taskbar jump lists, Quick Settings, and Notification Center to not function for some Insiders.

KB5023011 and KB5023595 download links

To download Windows 11 build 22624.1391 & 22621.1391, click this link (when ready).

How to install Windows 11 build 22624.1390 Moment 3 update

Before receiving the CU make sure that you have registered for Windows Insider Program and selected Beta channel. Then follow the steps –

1] Through Automatic method

  1. Click on – Start.
  2. Type – updates.
  3. Press – Enter.
  4. Select  Check for updates and allow the downloading to complete.
  5. When asked through a pop-up, click on Restart now.

Source: A revealed Internal test IDs revealed that Moment 3, furthermore, Moment 4 are ready to be tested for Beta and Dev channels.

You might be aware that the first Moment update was rolled out in October last year, and now the company is preparing to launch Moment 3 KB5023011 either this month or in March.

There is not much evidence of features this Beta channel deliverance will bring but a Twitter user PhantomOcean3 has revealed this update –

Source: Windows blog.

That’s all!!

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