Windows Terminal V0.9 Released as Penultimate of v1.0

Before the release of the Final version, Windows Terminal v0.9 came out with some significant Command line arguments, split-pane, focus-tab, and new-tab.

Windows Terminal V0.9

Microsoft is seriously working on the development of Terminal to meet the plan of final release of the application in May 2020.  Program Manager Kayla Cinnamon has announced on Github about V0.9. This is the penultimate version of Windows Terminal v1.0 and includes some important improvements.

Windows Terminal supports command line, WSL, WSL2, and PowerShell and has a goal to run cmdlet consuming less memory and power. This edition delivers some awesome functionality including command line args for multi-pane setup.

Windows Terminal V0.9 changelog

Here are Windows Terminal V0.9 features and improvements –

  1. Command line arguments,
  2. new-tab, split-pane, focus-tab,


wt -d . (opens a new Terminal in the current working directory).

wt -p “profile name” (opens a new Terminal with the given profile).

wt; new-tab -p “profile name”; split-pane -V -p “profile name”.

  1. Accessibility improvements.

Source – Github.

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