winget or Windows Package Manager 1.7.2782-preview Rolled out

Windows Package Manager 1.7.2782-preview is available to download with several changes and improvements.

Windows Package Manager 1.7.2782-preview

A new version of Windows Packet Manager has come out with update docs for upgrade command, Honor 429 Retry, and changes in policy checks. This marks the fourth iteration in the development series following the release of Windows Package Manager 1.6 build, compatible with both Windows 10 (1809+) and Windows 11. This version will be distributed to Windows Insider Dev builds and Windows Package Manager Insiders. The version is Windows Package Manager 1.7.2782-preview.

In the new release, you can enable the experimental features. Note that Windows Packet Manager requires at least Windows 10 v1809 (build 17763). Let’s see what are changes in this:

Windows Package Manager 1.7.2782-preview changes

In this release, experimental features have been activated. Execute “winget features” to check the status of enabled or disabled experimental features. Add the underneath to your “settings” (winget settings) file to activate the experimental features.

"experimentalFeatures": {
"directMSI": true
"windowsFeature": true

The Windows Package Manager also incorporates Winget configuration, streamlining the setup and configuration necessary for an optimal development environment on your computer. WinGet configuration file assists in handling and installing programming languages, apps, frameworks, tools, software packages, moreover settings essential for a project.

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A prerelease version of the Microsoft.WinGet.Client PowerShell module has been made available on the PowerShell Gallery and will no longer be distributed as a release asset. To acquire the most recent version of the PowerShell module, execute the following command in PowerShell 7+.

Install-Module -Name Microsoft.WinGet.Client

For the PowerShell module to function, you need to have App Installer (winget) installed. The cmdlet Repair-WinGetPackageManager (currently in development) is intended to handle the installation or repair of App Installer.

See: winget / Windows Package Manager 1.3.1872 is available to download.

Windows Package Manager 1.7.2782-preview Changes

  1. Policy checks should not block the platform source by @yao-msft in #3725
  2. Update documents for upgrade command by @KK-Designs in #3639
  3. Honor 429 Retry-After by @msftrubengu in #3718

Download link: Microsoft.DesktopAppInstaller_8wekyb3d8bbwe.msixbundle

Complete changelog: Full Changelog: v1.7.2722-preview…v1.7.2782-preview


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