Winter Cleaning: A Google Initiative to remove Less Popular Google Products

In bid to offer useful Google products to all inclusive users, so many mind boggling tact has been applied by Google. Since January last, Google’s concerns to improve millions of people lives throughout Google Products has been intensified. Such commitments require important application inductions on regular basis. On contrary removal of unpopular Google Products from listing.

It is hard to take decision like removing Google Products, which are not relatively popular. But Google commits more to remove such unpopular products, which are mentioned below. The particular Google Act is known ‘Winter Cleaning‘. If you follow remaining part of existing article then you will find such Google Products, which won’t be available after certain period of time.

Whether you used to Appointment Slots feature of Google Calender, the service won’t be run after 4th January 2013. Google has taken decision in regard of shutting down some of the less popular Google Calendar Features. And Appointment Slots feature could not left mark since existence. Another Google Calender Features are about to shut down are: Smart Rescheduler and Add gadget by URL. These Google service will not be existed afterward 4th January 2013.

As you know service of Google Sync was designed to access Google Mail, Calendar & Contact with help of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Protocol. While users find most suited alternative to Google Sync, it becomes less popular. Therefore since 30th January 2013 people won’t be able to set up their new devices using Google Sync. However existing Google Sync connection will be continued to function.

Google vows to shut down Issue Tracker Data API, which allows client applications to view and update on project hosting on Google Code. Such Issue Tracker Data API could not be seen from 14th June 2013.

From 7th June 2013, an integral App of Smartphone known to ‘Punchd’ wont be run. Google will discontinue the Punchd Android and iOS apps after closer of deadline.

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