How to See Winver with Mica and Fluent Design in Windows 11 or 10

Experience Winver with Mica and Fluent Design using a lightweight tool from Github in Windows 10 or 11.

Winver with Mica and Fluent Design

If you are a dilettante of fluent design then Windows 11 and 10 provide start menu, taskbar, etc with fluency, transparency effect, and accent color. But have you imagined Winver with fluent design and mica? Winver allows you to know the current Windows version, build, expiration date, and licensing information. It can be launched by simply using the “Winver” command through the Run dialog box. You can see the method here – How to Open Winver in Windows 11 or 10. Coming to the main point, you are able to experience the Winver with mica having a fluent design with a small tool on Github.

Raunak, a Github user Interested in exploring Operating Systems, has developed this tool that adds fluency and mica effect to the Winver.  Windows 10 or 11 doesn’t show the effects on this interface so if you are a follower of this modern design you can use this. 

Winver with Mica and Fluent Design in Windows 11 or 10

Here is how to see Winver with Mica and Fluent Design in Windows 11 or 10 –

  1. Download Winver.exe from this link.
  2. Right-click on and select Extract all.
  3. Open the extracted folder and double-click on the executable file Winver.exe.
  4. If User account control prompts up select Yes.
  5. See Winver now with cool fluent design.

One thing worth notable is you will need to open Winver.exe whenever you want to see the fluent design with mica. When you open the tool using run or search the simple design will be shown as usual.

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That’s all!!

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