WordBook Dictionary App For Windows 8 / 10 – Effective, Award Winning

WordBook is an English dictionary and thesaurus app essentially designed for Windows 8 users to help them refer to the meaning and detail of a particular word in need. The app has established its identity after getting recognition through awards. It is a free app created by TranCreative LLC and is quite handy. The app differentiates itself from others in the sense that it provides a different perspective of the words with the allowed modifications to resize it or viewing it in a snap mode to access it in an easy way. It is a very useful and effective dictionary app for teachers and students on Windows 8.

The interface is very intuitive and user-friendly as it is tailored specifically for Windows 8 devices. It is very fast and does not take much of the memory in your storage capacity. The app can be downloaded from the Windows app store. After you have installed it on your device you can launch it using the icon and the main interface gets opened up. A screenshot of this interface is shown below.

                      wordbook for windows 8

How To Use WordBook app 

As you can see in the above screen there is a Search bar present at the top right corner. You can use this bar to type the word that you are searching for. Once you have done that the information about that particular word id displayed on the left hand side of the main screen. The displayed information is presented in three contexts namely definitions, links, and thesaurus. The definition part has the information about the type of word and its pronunciation with its different types of usage in grammar. Under the link tab, you find the generic information about the word and its antonyms. The thesaurus provides the alternative words with the same meaning that can be used. The three-fold view makes it easier to extract the valuable information about the word thereby saving a lot of time.

On the juxtaposition of the Search bar there are two more options. The first is favorites which is a utility that can be used to mark a particular word for future reference. When you put a word in this section a star mark appears on the word and it implies that the word has been stored in the favorites section. Another option is history that stores the browsing history of the words that you have searched till now. When you open it you will see a long or short list of words depending on the usage of the words that you looked for in the past. Thus it makes the overall searching very effective.

Key Features of WordBook App

  1. 150,000 word entries with more than 2 Lacs definitions.
  2. 30,000 word origins for reference.
  3. Pronunciation guides and human voice audio.
  4. Browser like navigation with just a tap.
  5. X86, x64 and ARM processor supported.
  6. Snap mode for better use of space.
  7. No advertisement on the main screen.

Conclusion: It is a very useful app for students, teachers and for educational purposes as it provides the content in an elaborative way making the intensive search easy. The easy interface with fast response saves time and cuts extra input. If you are looking for a compatible app to enhance your vocabulary in a compact manner this app can accomplish the goals that you have set.

Downloading Link: https://apps.microsoft.com/detail/9WZDNCRFJCDK?hl=en-in&gl=US

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