Xbox cuts Prices on Popular Windows Phone Games – New Prices

Are you expecting New Year bonanza from cyber space ? If yes, then go for attractive Xbox deal. Recently, Xbox has made announcement about slashing prices on several popular Windows Phone Games. Prices of popular Windows Phone Game are gone down to just 99 cents with immediate effects. Certainly, it is nice Xbox move to extend their presence. If you are die-hard follower of Xbox gaming console and wanting to know about which Windows Phone games are on Stake then follow remaining article.

Doodle Jump

It is designed to provide nice gaming experience, while leaping to higher platform. You use built-in power ups like propeller hats, Jet Packs and Springs to allocate higher place in Doodle Jump gaming apps. Xbox has offered 67% flat discount on Doodle Jump.  You may buy Doodle Jump after placing online order and willing to pay .99 USA dollar as well.

Download Doodle Jum (Windows Phone Game)

Contre Jour

Contre Jour greets you at haunting wonderful place. The place is full of interplay of light and darkness. To get involved in Contre Jour, high quality interactive art are used.  Xbox is offering similar 67% discount on this product. You may book Contre Jour, Windows Phone Games App only at .99 USA dollar.

Download Contre Jour (Windows Phone Game)


The gaming app lets you to change your character while solving puzzle adventure. You may change characters emotions only after Tilting, Touching and Shaking to your Windows Phone. Xbox only charges $0.99 for Mush gaming app. You may place you order at below link.

Download Mush (Windows Phone Game)

iStunt 2

iStunt 2 offers most fun in snowboarding environment. In particular gaming app, you will have to perform incredible jump, and impossible stunts to survive. You have to hit the slopes hard for some serious fun. It combines beautiful retina graphics and amazingly responsive control as well. You may get iStunt 2 at mere price $.99 after placing online order at below link.

Download iStunt 2 (Windows Phone Game)

geoDefense Swarm 

geoDefense Swarm uses sensational vectorized visuals also offers tougher challenges at the same time. It examines your creativity while facing creeps. Here pre-defined path does not prove it worth during facing creeps. If you have passion to use this gaming apps, just place online order. Xbox charges .99 cent only for it.

Download geoDefense Swarm (Windows Phone Game)


Kinectimals gives you chance to visit island of Lemuria and play with beautiful cub. The gaming app brings wonderful experience of your pet wherever you go. Whether you have the same amount of zeal for pet then you should load Windows Phone with  Kinectimals Gaming app. Xbox charges $.99 only for Kinectimals. You may place online order at below link.

Download Kinectimals

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