Driver Fusion: A Tool to Remove Unwanted Device Driver from PC

Whether you wish to keep your Windows optimized system ultra fast and clean as well, it tends you to uninstall less important device drivers from your computer. Act of removing older device drivers from the system is not been tough task. But when you uninstall device drivers with most common methods some unwanted files and registry keys are left untouched. These items play significant part to make your system sluggish in an execution. Therefore, you have to en-route for other way to remove useless device driver from your Windows-based system.


As there are numerous third-party tools, which claim to remove unwanted device drivers completely. But, I find ‘Driver Fusion’ is the best amongst claimant. It is pretty nice application that removes unwanted drivers from computer with short span of time. It assists with process of completely uninstallation of older system driver. It removes not only useless directories, but also Registry key.

Driver Fusion offers relatively smart user interface. It supports uninstallation of such device drivers as: keyboard, mouse, graphic card and sound driver as well. Once you install Driver Fusion on your system, you will be able to inspect all installed it at Driver Inspection option. At this portion, select all such useless drivers to remove permanently from the system.

Besides of removing useless drivers, it supports for system protection, device driver backups, desktop icon manager and custom filters. All these built-in applications are available in even freeware version of Driver Fusion.

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