Download Yahoo Mail App for Windows 8 / 10

Many more important apps are missing on Windows 8 dais. These missings embarrass users and force them to switch other applications. Non-availability of Yahoo Mail app for Windows 8 causes more slur. Being accountable to Windows 8 users, application of Yahoo Mail has been developed by Yahoo itself. That means users will get mailing service of Yahoo at the same Windows 8 interface. The Yahoo Mail app lets you stay connected with friends and indulge in messaging with ease. Remaining part of article will show features of Yahoo Mail apps for Windows 8.

As you know, Yahoo was the first company, which offered mailing service worldwide. After arrival of big players like Google in mailing service, it is hard to sustain covered ground. But, Yahoo successfully sustains user base and constantly indulges for betterment of its service. In a way of extending its presence on Windows 8 interface, mailing app has been produced.

The Yahoo Mail app for Windows 8 has three panels as Folders, Emails, and View. App has put Toolbar at the top of messaging window. The toolbar has an option like Compose, Reply, and Move Next & Previous message. When it is required to mail attached documents, videos, and photos of certain size, you may use Yahoo Mail with ease. In other words, mailing app has everything which needs common users as well as advanced users. The Yahoo Mail app does not require any configuration before proper functioning. Once you install Yahoo Mail app on Windows 8, you may use mailing service just after entering your Yahoo ID and Password.


yahoo mail app for windows 8 download

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