How to insert YouTube Videos into PowerPoint 2013 Presentation

PowerPoint presentations are highly appreciable MS Office program. As an application, it has the depth to integrate with text, images, graphs, table or even videos. Once, it is required to insert YouTube Videos into PowerPoint 2013 presentation, most of you have lesser idea to do in an appropriate way. However, you know the way inserting offline videos into PowerPoint presentation.

Whether you face a strict challenge while inserting YouTube videos in PowerPoint 2013 presentation and seeking help suddenly, then don’t worry. Just follow our suggestions and insert online YouTube Videos into PowerPoint 2013 presentation quite effectively.

  • At first, open existing PowerPoint 2013 presentation then navigate Insert Tab. Now, go to Media Section to choose and expand Video option. After then choose ‘Online Video’ option.
  • Above act leads to open ‘Select Videos from’ option. You have to add YouTube into the list when you could not find it. Then click on YouTube icon and put a query in the search box, relating  to online YouTube video. 
  • Now you find more related YouTube videos as per your request. Select either of online YouTube Video and click ‘Insert’ button, which appears at the bottom part of existing window. 

Hoping when the situation demands to insert online YouTube Videos into PowerPoint 2013 presentation anytime, you will complete such act quite easily with the help of derived method.

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