Notification for Twitter: A Chrome extension for Tweets, Updates

If you follow Twitter community at regular interval to check Tweets or Re-tweets, an automatic bonding creates that doesn’t allow to leave even small session. In midway of using Twitter platform, when it happens to switch another program, it could be a tough situation to handle. To provide uninterrupted Twitter sync an application called ‘Notification for Twitter’ has been developed that functions effectively on Chrome browser. If you are di-hard Twitter follower then ‘Notification for Twitter‘ is right choice to go with.

‘Notification for Twitter’ is a valuable Chrome tool. It lets users to check Twitter notification, post Tweets, send Messages, etc in existing Chrome browser. Once you installed ‘Notification for Twitter’ on Chrome browser, a bubble like icon appears in the address bar. It is noted that when you install such extension on Chrome browser, it asks to sync with your Twitter account. When any notification appears the icon color turns blue to green or red.

Notification for Twitter is a very handy Google Chrome extension. It allows users to share views, see notifications, check updates without accessing Twitter homepage. When you look to install Twitter Notification extension on Chrome browser, access to Chrome web-store then after navigating such extension to install. However, you may easily install worthy ‘Notification for Twitter’ extension easily with below placed link.

Download Notification  for Twitter (Chrome Extension)

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