How to create Shutdown, Restart, Sleep Shortcut in Windows 8

Windows 8  inbuilt metro screen window is recognized as modern interface. In this, we do not find power button on start button task pane or anywhere in windows 8. In this situation we have to perform power actions (Shut down, Restart or sleep etc) through charms bar or special keyboard shortcut ( ALT+F4 ). Thus we may create custom shortcut icon of following power buttons in windows 8 screen.


How to Create Power Shortcut Icon in windows 8 

Shut down shortcut –

  • Right click on the desktop screen and choose New.
  • Select Shortcut menu from new drop down menu.
windows 8 create shortcut
  • In Create Shortcut window , type following command in required location tab box  –
                      shutdown.exe –s –t 00
shutdown command
  • Click Next button, Type require shortcut name like  Shut down and click finish button.
shoudown shortcut name

Now Shut down shortcut Icon has been created on desktop screen and you may change it  in new look to get access comfortably.

  • Go to desktop screen and find recent create Shutdown shortcut icon and choose its properties
select properties box
  • In Shutdown Properties dialog box, select Shortcut tab on top pane and Click Change Icon button
How to create Shutdown, Restart, Sleep Shortcut in Windows 8
  • Then new dialog box displays some information and click OK button.
shut down icon message
  • Here you can select Power Icon logo from icon lists and click OK button.
select icon logo
  • Click OK and Apply button at the bottom in Shutdown Properties dialog box.
How to create Shutdown, Restart, Sleep Shortcut in Windows 8
  • Now your desktop screen will show Shutdown Shortcut Icon in new look up (red logo) .


If you want to create another power button shortcut (Restart, Sleep, Hibernate etc) icon on desktop screen then type following commands and follow same above ways.

How to Create Restart Shortcut Icon in windows 8

Follow the process written above and write the following shortcut code in location bar.

Shutdown.exe -r -t 00

Similarly you can create Sleep Shortcut Icon using the following shortcut code:

rundll32.exe poweprof.dll, setsuspendstate

Log off Shortcut Icon

Shutdown.exe –L

These shortcut icons will let you start, sleep, Restart, log off directly from your desktop.

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