How to Recover Forgotten LIC User ID and Password

LIC, the leading brand of insurance sector in India, makes their availability to all the stakeholders, Policyholders, Agents at their finger tips based on 24*7 service.

As you know well, when technology comes into fold of any services it does wonder. Now, efficacy of LIC & its’ reach out to common people will be surged. Paying premium & viewing policy status were common act, which could not be done directly by users before starting online facility. Now, everyone is liable to use Online facility of LIC and do exercise like making payment of premium and knowing exact status of policy. Before using online facility users will have to make their own account and set their password.

Making own profile gives freedom to use the online facility of LIC. You may enter into the web page after completing Login process and after ending work users will have press on Log Out button. Often cases like not opening own account came from side of consumers. In fact,Such cases raised due to forgetting User ID or Password. If such scenario comes into play then don’t be panic just follow below paragraph.

How to recover User ID & Password of LIC

Forgetting necessary things pinch a lot to all human beings. It would be a shocking moment too when you realize to lose your User ID or Password of LIC. The policy holder will have to en-route through these steps to get their forgotten password or ID.

  • Send an e-mail to address to 
  • Write ‘New Query’ in Subject Line
  • In content box mention LIC Policy Details such as Policy Number, Policyholder’s Name, Date of Birth, Date of Commencement and Postal Address
  • Press send button to e-mail at above mentioned address

Within hour or more you will get a response from LIC and User ID and Password will be sent back on the same user account, which you used to ask for User ID or password.

Recovering of user ID or Password are not for those, who have neither LIC Policy nor Own LIC accounts. Strict actions might be taken against such elements using faking Identity.

Hoping our ideas provide sufficient help during loosing of your User Identity of LIC Account.

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19 thoughts on “How to Recover Forgotten LIC User ID and Password



  2. I forgetten my LIC user name

  3. veera prasad says:

    my user id and my pass word forgettn LIC of india please send me how i can recover

  4. Kishor Patil says:

    my policy no. 114566811,policy date 30/03/2007,plan LIC money plus,premium 5000/-,

  5. Sir i forget my LIC password
    My Polocy Number is : 647942178
    Polocy Name is : Punna Ramesh
    Plan : Half Yearly (Geevan Anand)
    Date of birth : 06/04/1987
    Amonut :2850 Address : Pradeep Kiranam and General Stor, Station Road, Kothakota Village and Mandal Mahabubnagar Dist. Andhra pradesh State, Pin Code No. 509381

  6. Anand kumar shukla says:

    Sir i forget my LIC password
    My Polocy Number is : 535165183
    Polocy Name is : anand kumar shukla
    Plan : Half Yearly (Geevn shathi)
    Date of birth : 10/01/1978
    Amonut :2643

  7. Kamal Prakash says:

    i forget my LIC password
    My Polocy Number is : 333126383
    Polocy Name is :jeevan saral
    Plan : Quarterly
    Date of birth : 10/12/1986
    Amonut :1531

  8. k vijayapratap says:

    i forgot my password &id please clarify and send this mail id

  9. k vijayapratap says:

    my lic customer registration id&password are forgot .my policy number is

  10. Krishna Reddy S says:

    Very useful information… thanks alot…

  11. I forget my lic id and password
    My polocy no 273152337
    Polocy name Markwt Plus l
    plan yearly
    Date of birth 02/07/1980
    Amt 5000

  12. rajeev singh bhandari says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I Rajeev Singh Bhandari want to say that sir i forgot my user ID and Password. You are requested to please reset my user ID and Password.
    My Policy : 116857494
    Mobile Number :8826546237

  13. Dear sir,
    I forget my LIC id and password
    my policy no; 883560886
    policy name; sandeep s dhumak
    date of birth 06/11/1979
    amt; 1021

  14. Gururaj Ramchandra Phadnis says:

    Dear sir, I forget my LIC id and password my policy no; 953568833 policy name; Gururaj Ramchandra Phadnis date of birth 17 Dec 1960 – See more at:

  15. Police no-296619638 date of b-01.06.1975 table & term-165&25

  16. Dear sir, I forget my LIC id and password my policy no; 296619638 policy name; jeewan saral date of birth 01-06-1975

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