How to Remove Metro Screen in Windows 8

If you install Windows 8 in your computer, you will feel absolutely unique experiences. Metro screen display new look and features, naturally you will be astonished after seeing windows 8 display. Therefore, a lot of difficult situations you will feel due to missing system shortcut and  tools from desktop. Now best option before you to skip metro screen and enable desktop. Here process to disable metro screen in Windows 8 is being given. You would easily disable your metro screen after following this process.


metro start interface in windows 8

Method – 1

Make shortcut to show desktope in windows 8 –

  • Press Windows Key + R shortcut to launch RUN box and type Notepad .
  • Type below given command in notepad window.
notepad image
type code in notepad image


  • Now you have to save this notepad file with name showmydesktop.scf in computer local drive. For example – C :\ showmydesktop.scf

Method – 2

Change setting in Windows Task Scheduler tools

  • Hit WINDOWS Key+R   in combination and open RUN window.
  • Now type – Taskschd.msc and Click OK button.
task command in run box
  • In Task Scheduler Window, Click on Task Scheduler Library tab in left side.
  • Now right Click in right side and select Create New Task .
task scheduler step -1 image
task scheduler step -2 image
  •  A new window renamed Create Task is displaying. Click on General tab in left – top corner and type – Show desktop in Name  box.
general tab in create task window image
  • Now click Trigger tab in top pane.  Click on New button at the bottom.
  • A new window is coming as New Trigger.
  •  Here choose Begin the task  tab in top pane and select At log on in drop down lists. Click OK button

trigger tab in create task

  • Move mouse button on Actions tab in top pane under Create Task window.
  • Just New Actions window displays here. Click New button.
  • Now new window (New Actions)  is appearing in front of you.
  • Choose Start a Program in Action tab on top side.
  • Now go to Program/Script tab and Click on Browse button. You have to select recent create shortcut file in computer drive  – (C:\ Showmydesktop.scf) . Click OK button.
actions tab in task manager
  • Now hit on Conditions tab in top pane of create task window.
  •  Open Conditions tab and Uncheck following check box- Start the task only if the computer is on AC Power and Click OK button.
conditions tab in create task
  • Exit from Task Manager.

Restart your computer and windows 8 will activate desktop mode automatically instead of Metro interface after log in.

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