How to Transfer Money from SBI ATM / Debit Card

sbi atm or debit card

Financial activity depends much more on Transferring or Exchanging money through convenient sources. Before the advent of Online Banking and Debit / Credit Card facility, the exercise of money transaction took more time and common men were needed to approach their account holding Banks for this cause. But the olden exercises are now part of history.

I want to mention that earlier I have written on SBI Mobile Banking and SBI Internet Banking as well as and it may be useful stuff for you.

Facilities of Online Banking and ATM Card or Debit Card / Credit Card are making life easier than ever before. All Nationalized Banking Unit and Private Banking Unit offer these facilities to their customers.

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ATM Card / Debit Card are known as plastic money. Trends of keeping money in pocket change into keeping ATM Card / Debit Card into pocket. Whenever money requires people visit nearest ATM Centre and withdraw money as per their need. Users of Debit Card don’t know to properly use it. Often they use it for withdrawing money and checking their balance inquiry. They don’t know how to transfer money through their ATM Card to another Card. Now, I am going to discuss how to make instant Transfer through SBI ATM Card.

What to do to Transfer Money from SBI ATM / Debit Card: –

State Bank of India (SBI) provides the facility of fund transfer only through their ATM cum Debit Card.  A Transfer could not be made to another bank ATM or Debit Card. Just follow successive steps and make the way to Transfer Money from SBI ATM / Debit Card.

  • Swipe your SBI Debit Card / ATM Card at any ATM Centre.
  • Choose Transfer option from drop down list, which is seen usually at the right bottom side of ATM Screen.
  • Enter your PIN.
  • Choose Card to Card Transfer.
  • Enter Debit Card Number of Beneficiary, which has usually 19 digits.
  • Enter twice Beneficiary Debit Card Number.
  • Now, enter Amount to Transfer
  • Select Account type as per existed nature of Saving / Current.
  • Finally, the act of Transaction completed message shown at screen of ATM. The same amount would be deducted, and it be seen through Credit from your accounts.

Note: By this process, you will be able to Transfer Rs. 15000/- per transaction. But in whole day maximum limit of the Transferred amount should not be exceeded Rs. 30000/- to another SBI ATM / Debit Card.

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112 thoughts on “How to Transfer Money from SBI ATM / Debit Card

  1. Babulal Rathore says:

    Good job…

  2. My car loan EMI missout due to insuuficient balance,now i want to pay through ATM debite card,is it possible. Or Now at sufficeint balance in account .
    Pl suggest

    Sunil patel

  3. I tried transfer from card to card. but it failed. I have SBI master card where as my friend ( whom I want to transfer) as SBI Visa. will that bother the transaction? what might be the reason for failed transaction.

    • It may be due to time of the transaction which could by before 8 AM or 8 PM. But, The bank of your could not be supporting for SBI transactions. Try once more. You will be confirmed by message in your subscribed mobile phone in sbi.

  4. i have my sbi ac no, card no and pin no. can i transfar balance to another a/c(i have card & and pin no of that ac) with out net banking or mobile banking.

  5. I tried to transfer money from my sbop atm to sbi but after doing all it came as SENDER BANK PIN BLOCKED.What is this & also i have this on sunday

  6. aravind kumar says:

    when after doing all these process it is transaction is processing after that it is coming transaction timed out.. what is the problem reply …

  7. Is it possible to transfer from SBI card to State Bank of Patiala or any other associate State Bank? How long does it take to transfer? because My friend did it at 6:00 pm and its been 9 hours now and money has not been credited to beneficiary account yet?

    • K.Srinivasa Chary says:

      I have transferred 8000/- today evening from Sbh to sbi debit card through card to card transfer.. so still money didn’t transferred …so Plz tell me processing time for transferring.

      • Same problem for me also….
        I transfered rs9000/- from sbi to sbt . still didn’t transferred. Why it is come like this???
        Bt the thing is that from sbi to sbi there was no time delay and all…..

  8. SUBRATA ROY says:

    what is the time gap between two successive use of ATM card?

  9. i made a card to card transfer using SBH ATM(MAESTRO) to SBI ATM(VISA CARD) at 7.45pm i got the status as SUCCESS and money is debited from my account but the money haven’t been credited in my friends ATM.It happnd more than 12 hours but money is not credited! does there any delay in transfering and if not what are the options to recover my money? or my money is lost?(ATM number is correct i checkd 10 times,there is no wrong in it)

  10. how much amount will be deducted in atm to atm transfer , if both atm’s are from two different states .???

  11. is there any charges for transfering money from atm to any other account.
    is any charge then what is the criteria for charges.

  12. Is this facility available in all debit card…or it needs to b activated?if activation is required,then wats d procedure

  13. So its already in debit card and needs no activation??

  14. sir
    can i transfer money from my sbi ATM card to sbt ATM, give some suggection

  15. MOHD NAZIR says:

    Yesterday night, i did card to card transfer using sbi atm,
    money was debited instantly but not credited to the payee a/c.
    till now it has not been credited.
    Can anyone help me?

  16. sudhipriya says:

    I have dsp a/c in sbi branch. And i take a goldloan from that branch. Now i am in another state. I have balance in my dsp a/c and i want to pay that loan. Can i do it through atm / another branch? Pls help me.

  17. Ramesh Chandra sahoo says:

    One of my frnd transfer the money ,but it is not still debited to my account its more than 20hours. he got a msg also that transaction successful .transfering time was 8.39 AM

  18. i experienced same situation then i made a call to sbi help line number and they said that it was some technical problem and told to try after 1 or 2 hour. But it failed again.if u find solution please tell me

  19. i have make card to card transfer balance deducted but not credited in beneficiary account.

  20. hi i transfered rs 5000 frm sbi to sbh, in my sbi the amount got debited, but in sbh it was not credited… please reply

  21. I tried plenty of times but its showing msg like “Unable to process your Request” why specific reason for this particular msg?? or what else i have to do….

  22. do they charge any commission for transferring money to an account in other state

  23. one more q do we need to maintain any minimum balance in sbi saving a/c with checkbook

  24. hi i have transferred rs.15000, two times, on 2 june and 3 june to same account . monney of rs.30000 is debited from my account but only rs. 15000 is credited in the beneficiary account, even after 10 days. i have checked the number , nothing is wrong with it. please reply..

  25. Channabasavareddy says:

    I have State Bank of mysore ATM Card, can I transfer amount to state bank of Hyderabad Account which is not having ATM card

  26. account has not been credited yet 3 days gone online transfer SBI TO SBI WHAT IS WRONG? CAN SOME REPLY IS THAT POSSIBLE.

  27. I want to buy some home appliance from flifcart. can I transfer the amount from net bank??

  28. Can we transfer money from SBH Atm to SBI Atm, if yes then how much time does it take to reach to SBI atm account holder.

  29. Gautam singh says:

    Today my friend send money via sbi card to sbi card but his money deducted but not credited into my account… today at 12:50 approx …

  30. Arpit Jaiswal says:

    I have transferred fund from my sbi visa debit card to my fathers sbi account. we both have account from the same branch but i transferred from other city where i work through card from the swap machine kept in the bank. I send two times 35000 each to the same day. 70000 has been debited but my father receives only 35000. plz help

  31. hi
    am using SBI mobile Banking in my android phone but i lost that mobile so now am using another android mobile and i downloaded SBI MB software. now using the service but when registering new a/c number i received sms like “Max limit to link accounts reached ” so if i go to setting option am not see any payee name n account so tell me “how can i delete my old payee list”

  32. is it possible to tranfer money from sbi mestro to sbi debit atm card. I tried it many times but the transaction failed

  33. can i transfer fund to sbi card to another bank card by the using of card to card ……………

  34. i made a card to card transfer using SBI to SBT at 5.15pm on 05.09.2014 i got the status as SUCCESS and money is debited from my account but the money haven’t been credited in my friends ATM.It happnd more than 35 hours but money is not credited! does there any delay in transfering and if not what are the options to recover my money? or my money is lost

  35. Hi I have transferred 10000 from SBI ATM to Sbh ATM card money is debited but not credit to Sbh card number is right when I will get my money or it will automatically come back to SBI

  36. may i trasfer money from sbh card to sbh card through sbi atm

  37. today at 7 pm my friend had transfered money from sbh atm to my
    sbi account.but money has not came in my account.but in his account the money has been debited

  38. my frnd made a sbh to sbi card transfer while transferring he selected current instead of saving account.but it was sucessful yet the money not credited in my account.plsss help me


  40. (Card to card transfer)Transffereed money from SBBJ TO SBI ON SATURDAY from Atm at 14.10 PM …. MONEY YET NOT CREDITED IN SBI ACCOUNT … …….ON MONDAY
    Plz reply fast

  41. transferred money from sbh master card to sbi account yesterday 6.10pm, it is shown that transaction was successfull but money not credited to it plz help me

  42. i tried atm to atm transfer from sbop to sbi (two different atm) of other state but both transaction failed

  43. I have used sbi atm from hyderabad to transfer money of sbh atm of Maharashtra I have got a message that money has been debited but my friend has not got the money I have checked the card number it’s correct

  44. I have transferred 6000/- on 20th Jan from SBI debit card to sbh debit card through card to card transfer..these cards belong to ap state and I have transferred at the atm which belongs to Aurangabad, Maharastra state so still money didn’t transferred …so Plz tell me processing time for transferring.

  45. Thank you …!!

  46. Prabhakar muz says:

    Plz suggest me quickly
    Sbi debit card no sure should be 19 digits or it should be also 16 digits

  47. hi can any 1 tell me is this possible to transfer money from SBI Mastercard to Kotak Mahindra by using atm card number. if yes then how?

  48. I was transferring SBI card to another SBI card but by mistake persons other side spell 2 digit wrong means 2288 instead of 8822 so I transferred the money and money is deducted wat to do next to get my money

  49. Hello there…
    I want to activate my sbi internet banking… but unable to visit at the can I apply it online..

  50. Is it possible to transfer from SBI card to SBi of Nepal or any other associate State Bank? How long does it take to transfer?

  51. sbi atm card is broken ..but I have the 19 digit card no and its secret can I transfer the money to my other sbi account.pls help.


    In sbi anywhere apps , how can i add a beneficiary card & what is this ??

  53. Sourabh sodani says:

    My friend transfered money from SBI to SBBJ and entered only 16 digits of ATM card number but than also money is deducted from SBI account and not credited to SBBJ account
    Why so??

  54. I have money transferred 5000 today at 8:40 pm. Sbh card to sbi card through sbi atm…
    .my money was debited……but not credited to payee account…..

    How much does it take?


    How get my money recovery….? If u know the solution plz give valuable comment

    Plzzz any one suggestion me

  55. mmmahadeb kesh says:

    i have an account sbi,,,and have a mastro debit card….i want to transfer in my brother sbi account via atm machine… it possible

  56. Can i transfer money from State bank of mysore atm to corporation bank atm?

  57. Is it possible to pay online from SBI saving account to citibank or any other credit card (master card)

  58. K.Srinivasa Chary says:

    I have transferred 8000/- today evening from Sbh to sbi debit card through card to card still money didn’t transferred …so Plz tell me processing time for transferring.

  59. Will there be any delay for the transaction if it is not a working day for the bank??

  60. My friend transferred Rs2000 in my account through ATM on 10th July 2015…. her account is in SBI and I have in SBH.. her money deducted but I havent got that……. she registered complaint but nothing happened…. How many days will it take to get money back?

  61. i have sbi credit card can i transfer balance in my saving a/c of another bank or debit card.

  62. can I transfer money from SBI ATM to sbh ATM on Sunday ? how much time it may take ?

  63. Hi, i want to money transfar by sbi atm card to another atm card, without netbanking, so any one give suggsain me.

  64. Shahrukh Md Aaryan says:

    I hav withdrawn 40000 from my atm & after few minutes I transferred amount of Rs 10000 to my brother account… Its been credited from my ac but nt debited in my bros ac…
    Wat i hav to do?
    Transfered before 4 hours!

  65. i sent money from SBH A/C to my friends SBI A/C.. just one hour back… but he saying.. he didn’t get the money… how can i know.. that.. bcoz my money is deducted from my a/c.. when i take mini statement it is showing only reference no.. but i would like to know the CARD NO what i typed during transaction time… plz tell me.. sir…

  66. I have done payment in gate application…money has deducted twice but payment is not successful….will money return to account???

  67. yesterday my friend transferred a specific amount of money from his state bank card referring to my state bank cash plus card but it is not displaying in my account,please confirm, what would be reason.

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