SBI Online Mobile Recharge by SBI-OxiPay

To help needy persons through plight phase should be objective of banking unions. Unfortunately, not many banking union thinks so and act accordingly as well. The leading public sector banking enterprises ‘State Bank of India’ (SBI) follows ideal objectives of banking and seen with helping hands to a needy person. As you know act of making money and helping needy people are quite contrast in nature. But SBI maintains equanimity in both and doing banking with ease.

We witness more and more offerings of SBI and certainly you will also be benefited too. Facility of Online Banking is one of them. It has changed dimension of olden day banking. Recall olden days when common man hasn’t any options to even pay utility bills of other banking service were also available only at respective branches. But, the time has over to queue at banking counter. Now, people may use the facility of 24 hour online banking and do banking as per their requirements. People are using the online facility more and more to save their valuable time.

At the earnest SBI introduces another valuable online banking facility name as SBI-OxiPay and SBI-InstaPay. Whether you used online banking for making payment of services like Mobile Recharge, DTH Connection Recharge, paying electricity / phone / mobile / gas / credit card bill, insurance premium etc; you need to log on to particular website and after then did rest. But these two options are quite advanced in nature, offers solitary environment to make payment. Here common question floats; what does a user do to get max benefit of SBI-OxiPay option.

As per information perspective I tell you  SBI-OxiPay option helps to make payment for instant recharge of Mobile, DTH, Toll Online and MobiCash Wallet. To get the benefit of online service you need to login at SBI Online website and then after select particular option. As per purpose of easing, I am going to discuss pointwise steps of SBI-OxiPay.

Visit: SBI OxiPay, OxiPay website

  • Log on to SBI Online website and then after select SBI-OxiPay / SBI-InstaPay
sbi online
  • Click on SBI-OxiPay and accept declaimer. You see the option of online recharge
sbi online recharge option image
  •  Put information as well recharging amount and click to pay now.
sbi oxipay payment gateway

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14 thoughts on “SBI Online Mobile Recharge by SBI-OxiPay

  1. through oxipay i recharged my airtel sim on 8.6.2013.but till now there is no increase in my balance. pls help…….’
    my number is 9567692809.

  2. is sbi charge any additional fee for online recharge ??

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