10 Things to Care Before Writing to Make Blog Post Popular

Writing content for a blog post is certainly an art which you could develop slowly and steadily. After learning and following lots of skills you start to write your post. Post written after so much effort  arises hope that it will be definitely a killer pillar in your way.In this circumstances if post is not get indexed well and heavily searched then it is probable that something is being missed by you. I am presenting here few minute, but very important things which can make your blog post more popular and searchable.

writng a popular blog post

10 Things to care before writing content for your blog post:

1. Write Relevant content

A first your content should be relevant. Your article should run contextually. As an instance A vacation resort is very popular due to its tasty coffee. You begin to write on tasty coffee then you should emphasize the coffee and not the vacation resort. And if you are writing on Vacation resort you will have to put stress on Vacation resort. In the whole article you should run with the keyword you are targeting on.

2. Think on searchable Keywords and Synonyms

The keyword, you are writing on should be searchable:  Use the proper keyword that is searched on the web. Suppose you are starting to write on refrigerator, confirm at first that whether a synonym like fridge or else is more searchable than refrigerator.

3. Check for Spelling being used for the word 

Few words have more than one spelling. So be sure about spelling of the word you are going to write is more searchable. Just as you are writing the word color, but is also spelled as colour in various regions all over the world. Which spelling suited your targeted audience more you should think about.

3. Target your audience location

In certain location different things are more popular. Just as for tech bloggers in few countries Whatsapp is very popular mobile messenger app but in African countries 2go is more famous. So if you are writing for African region audience then 2go is likely to be more useful.

4. Communicate with audience

It will be better if you write in the technique like you are talking with your audience. This style enforces users to make negotiation with you. They will write comments on your posts and want discussion. If you respond a bidirectional relation is established. All these will improve ranking as well as number visitor of your website.

5. Write Simple and Easy word and Short sentences

Write post in simple and easy as soon as possible. Internet users in most cases want to enjoy an article and satisfy their curiosity. They doesn’t want to be bothered with difficult and twisted words and proverbs. Try to write short sentences.

6. Come to the point in Earlier

Come to the point earlier don’t write a large introduction. Even you can write conclusion on starting your post. Internet users read what is useful for them and not a big intro.

7. Use Paragraph

Write with paragraph. When point or idea changes change paragraph.

8. Write With Clarity

Write clear cut. Don’t confuse the audience by contradicting your own view.

9. Use list

If the matter you are writing is full of information make a list.

10. Proofread your Post

Always proofread your article twice or thrice so that it is made errorless.

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