Google Introduces Ok Google Voice Search Hotword Extension For Chrome

Google has introduced Google voice search Hotword Extension in Chrome web store. Using this feature you are now able to go to Google Search Page by only saying ‘Ok Google’.

All the people who are a little bit tech are now aware of the “Ok Google” hotword. This feature is compatible with Motorola X, Google Glass (even if a bit changed to “Alright Glass”) and now Nexus 5. That’s appropriate, no more clicking on the search bar and also typing along with your keyboard; it’s simple to meet with Google search engine following triggering voice search by simply saying “Ok Google”.

How to Download and Access Ok Google Feature

Of course, you need a working mike on your computer to utilize the hotword. Installation is pretty straightforward;

1. simply head to its Chrome Web Store web page using this link.

2. Click on Free button on the upper left corner like below:
ok google download button

3. Next step is to click on Add option on the menu displayed after clicking the Free Button.

These steps are sufficient to download and install Google voice search Hotword Extention.

The extension is currently labeled as a beta, however, it works relatively well.  The “Ok Google” command will be automatically found by Chrome whether you are around the new bill page or on the Internet search site, including a results page. It is simple to detect whether this attribute is allowed or not by just looking at the Say Okay Google text in the far proper side of the search area. If it is generally there, you are all set.

When an individual says “Okay Google”, the tuning in page routinely pops up, indicated by a solid Mic Icon (since seen in the actual Google Currently Android application), and you can speak whatever you want to ask. Queries could be of any type, including “Ok Google, how many oz of are in a cup” or “Fine Google, set a timer for 30 minutes”.

Beside simple inquiries, things like starting alarm and also asking mathematics problems also get treatment well using this extension.

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