11 Killer Tips to Secure Online Accounts

Passwords are the first and the most important line of defence of our online accounts against hackers. But it’s not that you should stop worrying about the security of your account even after having a password. I have seen my Gmail account hacked even after having a supposedly strong account. For people like us who have so many online accounts, it is better that we employ some cautionary steps that increase their online security. Listed below are 11 killer tips that can secure online Accounts.


11 Killer Tips to Secure Online Accounts

  1. Always make sure that you use the “Always use HTTPS” feature for Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or other online services that work with HTTP. This is far more important for people who access internet on the WiFi because using HTTP on Wi-Fi can allow any amateur hacker to use a simple Firefox extension as Firesheep to know your login details.
  2. For all of you who use Google accounts it is a big fact and advisable that you use a 2 step verification process. For this purpose, you will have to verify account. You shout register your mobile number first and then a code sent to your mobile phone This act will check anyone from using your account through a different computer.
  3. The 2 step verification also alerts you to a hacking attempt. If someone tries to access your account from a different PC or device then as soon as they try to login they might unknowingly send the verification code to your mobile. You will then know that someone is trying to access your account.
  4. Something similar to the 2 step verification code, Facebook also offers this method to stop accessing your account through a different computer.
  5. The apps that you use on Facebook, Google etc provides access to your account to third party sites. You should immediately deactivate all those apps which you do not use as this wards off unnecessary trouble from dubious third party sites.
  6. Always have two email addresses. One email address is to be used in areas where you want people to contact you through Facebook, Twitter etc. The other email address can be used for more private services as banking, shopping, iTunes etc. You can also use a separate email address for trying a new online service of which you are not quite sure of.
  7. Always use a virtual credit card whenever shopping from a site that you are using for the first time.
  8. Always perform a mock test of what alternatives you have if you forget a password of any of your online account.
  9. With many online accounts, you have many passwords to manage. Instead of using a password manager you can simply create a single page where you store your passwords. You can password protect this file and put it in the dropbox so that it is available on all the computers.
  10. You can also create a hard copy of the above document and keep it in a secure place where no online hacker can reach your almirah. You can refer it when you forget your passwords.
  11. Also, make sure that you never make your secondary more personal email address your recovery address for your primary email address because if your first email is hacked then the second one isn’t safe at all. Make a separate email id to be used as a recovery address.


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