Monitor Natural Calamities Using Earth Alerts on Windows

Earth Alerts is an app developed for Windows that can feed you with the latest disastrous activity happening around the world. Be it earthquake, landslide, Tsunamis, wildfires, volcanoes or any other that our earth has in store for us in response to the imbalance this app provides you real time information on such events. It uses different online sources that provide detail information such as the National Weather Service, Smithsonian Institution, and others. Originally developed on the basis of hobby it has undergone many changes to make a significant number of improvements.

Knowing in advance that a natural calamity is going to come is very complex and unpredictable. The earthquake and Tsunami at Fukushima in Japan is one example where it kills thousands of peoples. If you want to be up to date about all these calamities, you could use this app Earth Alerts. Running this app in your windows based mobile will indicate the possible natural disastrous going all round the world. This App uses mainly trustable sources like U.S. Geological Survey, National Weather Service, and many other famous sources to advertise on a certain thing.

The interface of this App is simple and is very attractive. Using this App for different types of situations is very easy. A screenshot of this App is shown below:

                                                       earth alert app

How to install this App and the necessary requirements

There are certain software and hardware requirement which are necessary before its installation:

  1. Windows 8/7 /Vista for both 32 bit and 64 bit.
  2. .NET 3.5 Framework- this is prompted to be downloaded as you start with the installation if it is not installed on your system or if you find troubling downloading this you can download it from the link provided at the below.
  3. Better processor than Pentium III.
  4. An internet broadband connection.
  5. Standard Resolution 1024 ×768 or higher.
  6. A very small space of around 5 mb in your hard disk.

How to use this App

Once the app is installed you have to select specific natural hazards under which tropical cyclones, landslides, severe weather, volcanoes, etc. are given. You can also set locations for which you specifically want to monitor situation around.

After this selection the application would then configure to extract the latest information from different sources and will present the live feeds in the form of maps, images, and reports so that it is convenient for you to easily grasp the information from it. The information can be refreshed by clicking on Update now.

How much effective this app is

Although the most extensive information is not guaranteed by this app but it sure gives you more than an overview that you essentially need to know if you are just looking for a quick look. It has basic weather tracking features including current conditions, local forecasts etc. This app opts when you are interested in looking at all the natural calamities collectively that lead to unbearable destruction and suffering. Since we are mortals and these things are beyond our control Earth Alert is a way to keep track of the destructive happenings that shows the power of nature that our blue planet possesses.

This App provides you constantly weather alerts if you have set your location at this app

Key Features of this app

  1. It is a completely free app and is very easy to use.
  2. Does more than just weather forecasting.
  3. Does not provide detailed information on the particular event.
  4. Attractive and colorful display.
  5. Satellite Imagery.
  6. This app provides you a visual and sound notification on your windows in case of a calamity.
  7. It has also a feature of sending Alert notification on your mobile as sms and a msg to your Email account.


Earth Alerts is an excellent tool for monitoring weather. I personally use this app and i recommend it to all users who want to be cautious about the weather. Its ability to deliver useful, up-to-the-time data, information and images of a wide range of global phenomena is really appreciable. Everyone should have access to this app.

How to get this App

You can have access to the above mentioned app in the below-provided link. You can also go to the accessing link to download the Net framework.

Downloading Link: Earth Alert

Accessing Net-Frame Link : .NET 3.5 Framework

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  1. Such a nice app to keep yourself updated with latest disaster..amazing..!!!!